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A guide about swimming pool remodelings

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A concrete swimming pool remodeling may be desired or desirable for technical or aesthetic reasons. But nothing prevents you from combining the useful with the aesthetic.

Renovating a concrete swimming pool to make it more beautiful

This is called pool staging, by analogy with home staging. For smaller amounts of money, you will feel like you have a brand new pool.

  • Replacing the filtration system or adding an equipment such as a salt water chlorinator or a heat pump are the cheapest options. For a few thousand euros, you will simplify your life and the maintenance of your pool will seem like child’s play.
  • Pool linings have changed a lot in recent years, both in the choice of colours and the materials used. Blue liners are now less popular and people prefer beige or light grey for a more pleasant water effect. Why not consider changing your liner for another more modern coating such as glass-fibre reinforced polyester or a coating. Click here to find out more about pool linings
  • Changing the access to your pool can also be an idea to give your pool a facelift. You can, for example, replace the traditional ladder with a submerged deck and stairs. This work is relatively easy to do and has an impressive effect on the pool.
  • Turning your skimmer pool into an infinity pool involves much more extensive work. This type of swimming pool remodeling is the one that undoubtedly gives the most spectacular result. It can be carried out by non-specialised workers if a study and plans have been made beforehand. We advise you to seek professional advice and to obtain a consultation with an overflow pool expert.


Polyester swimming pool lining

Problems-solving works

A concrete pool is generally built to last but over the years, structural problems can occur. The main interventions on a concrete pool are the following:

  • A change of the interior lining may be necessary following the tearing of a liner or a deterioration of the tiles. The installation of a reinforced PVC is a good alternative to the traditional liner; thicker, it will be more solid.
  • With time and ground movement, cracks can appear in the pool structure; filling the cracks and installing a semi-adhesive glass-fibre reinforced polyester coating is a good option. This stratification makes it possible to obtain a perfect watertightness of the pool.
  • In the case of leaks in the pipes, it is sometimes necessary, after locating the problem(s), to break part of the concrete. If you have a plan of your pool piping, this will be of great help. To find out what a swimming pool plumbing diagram consists of, click here.

Beautifying and improving a swimming pool at the same time

It is sometimes possible to take advantage of work to bring an aesthetic renewal to your pool; this is the case when transforming a skimmer pool into an infinity pool. In this article, you will find all the information you need on the technique of the infinity pool.

In order to meet the requirements of the overflow technique, a new hydraulic circuit is created but the filtration system can sometimes be kept. The overflow replaces the curbstone on at least one side.

This work must be entrusted to professionals who will be able to show you the work that can be done and make the most of the existing pool.

An example of a concrete swimming pool remodeling

In Mauritania to follow the construction of a swimming pool designed online, we took the opportunity to submit to a client a relooking of his swimming pool type “swim lane”.

Design of the renovation

The aim of this pool staging was to offer a solution that was easy to implement, but which would allow a significant improvement in the aesthetics of the pool as well as in the efficiency of the filtration.

The elimination of the coping and the installation of a terrace in IPE (boards laid perpendicular to the pool) were necessary to create a natural atmosphere already very present in this magnificent garden with mature coconut trees. In the same way, the creation of a staircase allowed the removal of the stainless steel ladders, not very aesthetic and especially not very convenient.

The technical details shown below help  to better understand the philosophy behind this work.


pool remodeling

Swimming pool remodeling drawing


The 2 skimmers positioned at one end of the pool (visible on the first photo) have been replaced by an overflow of 3.50 m, located 3cm under the terrace and giving into a buffer tank built for this purpose. The filtration system (filter with recycled glass charge) was completely changed and a salt chlorinator and a heat pump were added.

The result of the renovation

The dark grey fibreglass-reinforced polyester inner lining of the pool gives the pool a very modern but at the same time very natural look, matching both the stones on the wall and the wood on the terrace.

Originally, the wooden boards of the terrace were laid lengthwise and joined to a marble coping. By laying new boards of IPE (exotic wood) transversally, the space is visually enlarged.

The creation of the overflow creates a sound atmosphere discreet enough not to interfere with conversations or music. When the temperatures are high in this desert region, it is pleasant to hear the slight sound of water, synonymous with life.


The gobal budget for the remodeling of this concrete swimming pool is approximately €15,000; more than 75% of this amount is for the purchase of filtration equipment, including the disinfection system and heating.

How to renovate a swimming pool

If you are considering remodeling your concrete pool, we can probably help you. The work we have just mentioned was carried out under extreme conditions: equipment ordered by us in Europe because nothing was available on site, management of unskilled labour, high outside temperatures, etc…

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