A pool filtration drawing


As is often said, filtration is the heart of the pool. In the equipment room, you will find all the equipment for filtering, treating and heating the water. For this reason, we consider that installing the equipment room should be the focus of the pool owner’s attention, from the design of the equipment room to the positioning of pipes, valves and equipment.

The pump room


Where should the pump room be located?

This question is one of the first questions our customers ask. During the design phase of the pool, we ask the owners of the house if they have a room in the home or an annexed shelter we can use to house the pool filtration. If this is not the case, we integrate this space into the overall pool design. When possible, the ideal position is the following sketch: buried in the ground and next to the pool.

Of course, before agreeing to use an existing location, we check various points such as its distance and the difference in level from the pool, its size, the height, and more. Once this question has been resolved, it is possible to move on to the actual design of the filtration system.


Please note: blurring is not the result of the poor quality of our drawings but protection against abusive duplication


How big is the equipment room?

The size of the pump room depends on the size of the pool and the equipment required. The height should be such that it is possible to stand upright. If we design the room, we will adapt the dimensions as best we can to create the necessary space for the equipment.

Pool filtration

It is the entire system that ensures good water quality in the pool. Everything is installed in the technical room except for specific equipment, such as the heat pump.

How do you connect the different equipment?

In a skimmers pool or an overflow pool, each piece of equipment has a predefined position regarding the rest of the installation. There is an order that must be respected. For example, the place of the filter is not before the pump. In addition, we always recommend using rigid PVC to connect the elements.

How do you determine the size of the filtration unit?

We determine the pump flow rate and the filter diameter in an overflow pool according to the volume of water in the pool (including the buffer tank), the type of overflow and its length, and finally, the effect the customer is looking for.

A pool filtration plan: why for whom and how?

We are not talking about a simple schematic but accurate cartography of the hydraulic circuit in the technical room. The first one gives an idea of how the filtration system works. The second is made with precise measurements of the space and indicates the path of each pipe and the location of each valve.

plan-filtration- piscine-creations-conseils-morana

Please note: blurring is not the result of the poor quality of our drawings but protection against abusive duplication


Why make a filtration plan for your pool?

You do not need such a drawing for turnkey construction by a pool builder. However, you will need one if you call in a plumber who is not a swimming pool specialist. This professional will need to know, for example, how to connect the various devices, where to place each valve or what the characteristics of the electrical box are. He will then draw up an accurate estimate without the risk of oversight, and his work will be more accessible.

The pool owner will better understand how the pool’s water circulates from the pump intake to the pool outlet after heating and treatment.

Who needs a filtration plan?

As we said earlier, a filtration plan is helpful for an owner who wants to build his own pool. He will have the choice of contractors and can buy the equipment himself. Finally, this allows a saving of 15 to 50% depending on his involvement in the project. Moreover, he will have the choice of brands and options.

How do I get a pool filtration drawing?

Swimming pool equipment dealers sometimes offer to draw the installation in the pool pump room. However, you will be obliged to buy from them, and this will only be a schematic drawing at best.

Another solution is to ask a pool designer.

How do we design our pool filtration plans?

For us, the filtration plan is the logical continuation of the pipe plan. Therefore, we draw the suction and pressure pipes at the exact point where they arrive in the layout to connect your pool.


Please note: blurring is not the result of the poor quality of our drawings but protection against abusive duplication


We make the installation drawing of the filtration and equipment at a scale of 1:20 for greater clarity. We tailor it to the room measurements. Of course, the use of colours makes it very easy to differentiate between return and suction circuits; in addition, arrows indicate the direction of the water flow.

The pump(s), the filter, the treatment system, e.g. chlorine or salt, the level control box, the by-pass for the heating are positioned in the right place both in the hydraulic circuit and in the space. Each valve or check valve is identified.

In short, you will have a complete document for installing your swimming pool’s filtration. It will be enough for your plumber or yourself to follow the plan to install the filtration without overlapping pipes on the ground; you will be able to identify the lines arriving from or returning to the pool quickly.

We also offer a file of advice on the installation of the technical room; you will find the list of equipment and valuable suggestions concerning :

  • Correctly dimensioned pump flow and filter diameter,
  • the regulation of the balancing tank,
  • the characteristics of the electrical box,
  • what to replace the sand in the filter,
  • and much more.

Please note: blurring is not the result of the poor quality of our drawings but protection against abusive duplication