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Overflow swimming pool specialists for more than 25 years

In 2013, we decided to create this site to help as many people as possible to build their dream pool.

Indeed, we are convinced that an adapted accompaniment is often the key to a successful project; this is also true in the field of the swimming pool and we verify it every day with our customers in France but also abroad.

About us

Catherine & Serge Morana

Our story

Our beginnings in the pool

In the early 1990s, we entered the world of swimming pools by specialising in bespopke infinity swimming pools from the beginning. We were pool builders first in France and then in Spain, in the Balearic Islands and Marbella, where we built for example the pool of Mr. and Mrs. Bettencourt.

From 2005 onwards, in order to be able to respond to requests from all over the world, we decided to work as consultants. From then on, our work consists of designing swimming pools, drawing up plans, doing tenders and following up the construction works.

During the last 15 years, we have worked in Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Burma and recently in Mauritania. Most of the companies or workers we have worked with have never built overflow swimming pools before.

Discover the construction site of the swimming pool of a 5* hotel in Burma

New methodology

At the same time, since 2013, we have been offering the same online service through this website. Our services are thus made accessible to the greatest number of people, individuals or professionals.

People contact us by email or by phone and send us plans of the plot, photos of their house and the land; we propose a concept design for their project, make the technical drawings (ground plan and hydraulic plans) and give them the list of equipment to buy without imposing brands, BOQ and requirements.

As an option, we always propose to manage remotely the construction site via photos, videos and video calls. The plans and advice allow the customer to build his pool with a mason and a plumber.

Entrust your dreams to infinity pool specialists


Concept plan


Final drawings

It’s not always easy to express your dreams when considering building a swimming pool. This is why when you first contact us by email or telephone, an exchange of ideas is essential; your answers will enable us to identify your requirements and your desires for your pool project. We also ask you to send us a plan of the site, as well as photos of the site and views of the land and house. Following this, we will send you a detailed proposal for collaboration with our fees quote.

If you wish to entrust us with the design of your swimming pool, all you have to do is confirm your order; within 10 days of your confirmation, we will send you a concept plan taking into account your ideas, of course, but also the topography of the site, the views and the surroundings. This is the basis for our plans; we discuss them and make any necessary changes before starting up the drawings.

This phase of modifying the concept plan allows us to decide, for example, on the style of the staircase or the presence of a submerged beach. We also confirm the depths of the pool and the optional equipment you would like to equip it with. For example, the wish for a roller shutter must be taken into account even if the installation is carried out at a later date.

Once all the points have been validated, we enter the final phase of your project; the completed drawings are sent to you in PDF format by email. In addition to these plans, you will also receive instructions for the various equipment and materials required for proper operation: pump, filter, valves, water treatment system and parts to be sealed. You will find an example of the plans file in this page. Of course, we remain at your disposal for further details or to help you during the construction of your pool.

An overview of our services

Because we know that a picture is worth a thousand words, we present you the services rendered to a client for his pool project. The small size of the premises required a truly suitable project and it was difficult for him to visualise it. So he opted for a freehand perspective. After his agreement on the design, we made the general and hydraulic plans.  Finally, wishing to work with craftsmen who were carrying out work in the house, he asked us to manage the construction site. Given the total lack of qualification of the workers and the complexity of the project, our client opted for on-site monitoring of the construction site. However, a remote monitoring is very sufficient in most cases.

Exclusiv design

Our tailor-made projects are exclusive

General plan & section

For perfect masonry execution

Filtration drawings

For a fully functional installation

Construction site monitoring

Remotely or on-site

You’re thinking of making an infinity pool

Get full drawings and more

Let's talk about your pool project

About Creations conseils Morana

Why ask for help from infinity swimming pool specialists ?

We share with our customers our know-how, the result of our + 25 years of experience. Moreover, our atypical background has forced us to develop documents that can be understood by workers all over the world. As is often said a sketch is better than long explanations.  We are sure that you will appreciate our very didactic plans.

If I work with you, will I be able to benefit from the ten-year warranty ?

It’s a question we get asked from time to time. Many articles advise to work only with companies that can provide this guarantee. We have a much more mixed view. In fact, it is important to know that ten-year insurance, except for capitalisation, ceases as soon as the insured stops paying premiums.  Moreover, if a problem arises and the company does not respond, the client is obliged to take the matter to court with all the costs and delays that this entails. Finally, taking out ten-year insurance is no guarantee of the company’s seriousness and is never required in most of countries !

What country do you work in?

Working online, we can design your pool, no matter what country you live in. In addition, plans and instructions can be drawn up in French, English or Spanish.

Acceptez vous de vous déplacer ?

Our working method has been designed to avoid displacement. However, we do it sometimes at the request of customers who wish to do so; of course an estimate will be established.

Who are your customers ?

Originally this site was intended for private individuals but we are more and more solicited by professionals such as: architects, masons and hotels.

Why did you become infinity swimming pool specialists ?

When we started in 1990, only a few of us were building infinity pools and we were immediately seduced by the aesthetics and technicality of these structures. Since then, we have never tired of inventing and creating exclusive projects for our clients.

How to become a partner

We are looking all over the world for professionals ready to share our passion for swimming pools and willed to offer their customers a quality service. Don’t hesitate to share your wishes with us.

About the swimming pool drawings

Do you need to move around to make my pool drawings?

No. Our working method allows us to design your pool remotely, thus avoiding expensive travel costs.

What do you need to give me an estimate of your fees?

After the first contact, we ask you to send us a topographical map of the plot, if possible, photos of your house, the plot and views from the pool area. You will also need to confirm the desired size and depths of the pool and the options you want. Within 72 hours, we will send you an email detailing each assignment with the amount of our fees.

Do I have to take all your scope of services proposed ?

Absolutely not: we work “à la carte”. For example, you can order the design drawings (general plan and section) but not the filtration plans or vice versa. You also have the possibility to order them one after the other.

How long does it take you to drawing up the plans

This of course depends on our workload, but the average time frame is between 15 and 20 days after we get your agreement on the concept plan.

How's your drawings folder coming along?

Comme nous l’avons indiqué les plans sont généralement au nombre de 3  :

  • plan de masse avec une ou deux coupes du projet selon les besoins
  • plan des tuyaux dans la piscine avec implantation précise des pièces à sceller (buses, éclairage, bonde de fond)
  • plan du local technique.

Si besoin est nous fournissons aussi un plan d’implantation sur le terrain

Vous pouvez retrouver un exemple de ce dossier en cliquant ici .

Will I be able to use the plans for the permit application ?

Yes of course our plans are complete enough for this administrative process. If you want to know more about the formalities in France we advise you to read the article

Advice & Assistance

Drawings are good, but what's next?

Our plans and documents are designed so that you can build your pool alone or with craftsmen. But if you need our help from overflow swimming pool specialists, we can help you also remotely.

I don't know where to buy the equipment and materials.

With our drawings we provide you with a list of materials and equipment for filtration. However, if you don’t have the time to buy them, you can ask your plumber to take care of it, but we can also get you a quote from serious suppliers; then you’ll have only to place the order !

I don't know how to find craftsmen to do the work...

We can get in touch for you with craftsmen in your area and ask them for quotes in accordance with the plans. We select 3 masons and 3 plumbers and send you their proposals after checking them completely. But the final choice is yours.