In 2013, we decided to create this site to help as many people as possible to build their dream pool.

Indeed, we are convinced that an adapted accompaniment is often the key to a successful project; this is also true in the field of the swimming pool and we verify it every day with our customers in France but also abroad.

Catherine & Serge Morana

overflow swimming pool specialists

The Foundations

From Real Estate Roots to a Passion for Pools

Faced with a real estate crisis on the French Riviera, the founders of Morana seized the opportunity to reinvent themselves by launching into the innovative construction of infinity pools, thus opening a new chapter in the luxury sector.


First International Project

Majorca: The Start of an International Adventure

A prestigious project for a business leader on the island of Majorca marks the beginning of Morana's expatriation and lays the foundation for its international expansion.


Expansion in Andalusia

Establishment of a Second Office in Marbella

With the opening of an office in Marbella, Morana strengthens its presence in Spain, affirming its growth and vision for internationalization.


Turning Towards the East

The Appeal of Distant Expatriation: Heading to Dubai

The year 2005 marks a turning point with the desire to go further. Morana establishes fruitful collaborations in Dubai, setting its milestones in the Middle East.


New Horizons in Bahrain

Design and Innovation in Bahrain

Morana continues its expansion in the Middle East through the design and monitoring of an ambitious project in Bahrain, consolidating its expertise in the region.


Australian Partnership in Cambodia

Transcontinental Collaboration for Expertise and Training

By partnering with an Australian pool builder, Morana commits to transferring its know-how to Cambodia, highlighting its commitment to the development of local skills.


Prestigious Project in Jordan

Elite Projects with Movenpick in Jordan

The collaboration with the Movenpick group for the realization of various pools in Jordan highlights Morana's exceptional expertise.


First Remote Professional Works

Design of an Aquatic Complex in Qatar

A major group trusts Morana for the design of an aquatic complex, reinforcing its reputation for excellence in the Arab world.


Improvement and Innovation

Innovation at the Service of Construction

Morana capitalizes on its international experience to develop tools aimed at improving coordination and safety on construction sites, demonstrating its commitment to quality and efficiency.


Launch of an Online Platform

Sharing Expertise via creationsconseilsmorana.com

With the creation of its website, Morana democratizes access to its expertise in the construction of infinity pools, for both individuals and professionals.


Expansion in Myanmar

Iconic Project in Myanmar

The collaboration for the pool of the Strand Hotel in Yangon illustrates Morana's adaptability and influence in Asia.


Based in France

Lifestyle Choice: Openness to the World and Selective Projects

Morana makes the strategic choice to return to France, while maintaining a presence on international projects. The concept of "workation" takes on its full meaning with projects in Mauritania, New Caledonia, Australia, and Ivory Coast.