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The swimming pool is an oasis of happiness at the foot of your house. It is the beating heart of your leisure and relaxation time, a place for sweet reveries or moments of fun and madness. To make the most of it, which pool model should you choose for an aesthetic garden full of life? It is important to note that pools with skimmers are pretty different from overflowing pools which open up the horizon and invite you to travel and contemplate. Créations Conseils Morana helps you better understand the difference between the two pools and reveals all the advantages of overflow pools.


Overflow pool or skimmer pool? 2 different operating modes


There are two main types of pools: the skimmer pool and the overflow pool. They differ mainly in their hydraulic operation and do not have the same filtration system.


How does a skimmer pool work?


The skimmer pool is the classic pool found in most private gardens. How can it be distinguished from an overflow pool? The water surface is lower than the edges of the pool. The skimmer, integrated into the pool’s structure, filters the water from the pool to remove impurities. More precisely, it sucks the water from the surface and brings it to the filter, which will then stop dead leaves, insects, and other dirt, etc.

Water with debris goes from the skimmer to the pump and then to the filter specially designed for this purpose. It is essential to clean the filters regularly to ensure that the pool’s filtration system functions appropriately.


How does an overflow pool work?


It is important to know that the overflow pool system is the oldest technique to filter water in pools—most public pools and fountains use it.  In France, a filtration system with a buffer tank must equip any pool over 200 sqm.


Today, overflowing pools have become much more accessible to private individuals. But what are the advantages and the functioning of an individual overflow pool? Unlike the standard model mentioned above, the overflow pool does not have a skimmer. Water escapes from the pool through the overflow (instead of the skimmers), is collected in a gutter and sent to a “balancing tank“. In some cases, the gutter can be used as a compensation tank. The pump sucks the water into the tank and sends it to the filter.


good to know

The balancing tank of a swimming pool with overflow can be buried or installed in the technical room or under a terrace. In this way, it can be completely invisible, making the pool’s design even more modern and uncluttered.


Advantages of an overflow pool compared to a skimmer pool.


While the two models are technically very different, they are equally different in terms of aesthetics.  So let’s look at the significant differences between these two pools and study the strengths and advantages of an overflow swimming pool.


Aesthetic appearance

One of the things that makes infinity pools so much better than traditional pools is the aesthetic appeal. Pools with overflow are a real design asset for your garden. They elegantly extend the landscape and seem to plunge into the horizon for a stunning effect. Isn’t that why people choose to install a pool? To relax in an idyllic setting while remaining in the comfort of your own home. The flow of water that cradles your moments of relaxation is a real advantage of infinity pools that you cannot afford with skimmer pools.

The impression of luxury and prestige

The construction is top of the range. In addition to its luxurious appearance, it adds value to the property. Another quality of overflowing pools is that they seem to be larger and offer a lavish look to the space they occupy. The water aligns with the horizon, provides a breathtaking view of your garden, and undeniably enhances the surrounding landscape.


A cleaner pool

Overflow pools are generally cleaner and easier to maintain than skimmer pools. The reason for this is that the swimming pool gets dirty much less quickly than a conventional pool. The water overflowing on one side or all sides (in the case of a zero-edge one) naturally and more quickly evacuates the waste floating on its surface to the buffer tank.


An easier maintenance

The skimmer pool sometimes leaves dirt floating on the surface for a long time. Some waste, such as leaves or twigs, soak up water and frequently sink to the bottom of the pool. The only solution is to remove them manually.

Thanks to the inlets at the bottom and on the sides, the mixing of the disinfectants is better. The homogenisation of the heated water is also improved.

Therefore, the maintenance of the overflow pool is less tedious. However, it is necessary to maintain and clean regularly the balancing tank.


More versatile pools

The overflow system is easy to integrate into all types of pools, even the most unusual ones. You can install a natural pool with a balancing tank at home. It can be easily hidden under the pool or integrated directly into the landscape, for example, with the help of reconstructed rocks. The result is a real eye-catcher.


Why install an infinity pool?


The many strengths of the infinity pool make it a highly desirable jewel. In particular, if you want to enhance your garden and offer an unobstructed view of the surrounding landscape. Still, there are some features to consider before embarking on constructing a pool with a balancing tank.

→ The overflow pool requires a slightly larger space than conventional pools.

→ It entails a higher installation cost but is easier to maintain daily.

→ As its technical system is more elaborate, it requires solid knowledge of pool installation.


Therefore, you must choose between an overflow pool or a skimmers pool according to your needs and expectations. It is undeniable that in every respect, swimming pools with balancing tanks are better than conventional pools. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the many advantages of an infinity pool, it is essential to call in professionals. If you wish to create an oasis in your garden, contact Créations Conseils Morana to discuss your dreams and plans. We will provide you with clear answers and detailed plans to help you bring your vision to life.