Have you decided to embark on a pool construction project and turn your garden into a little corner of paradise? You should know that the construction phase requires the intervention of professionals specialized in installing swimming pools. To build a swimming area around your house, you can call on the services of an architect or a pool builder. But what is the difference between these two professions? What are the advantages of each of these specialists? Finally, who should you choose between a pool builder or a specialized architect to get the pool of your dreams? Morana water design provides you with the necessary answers to make you swim in happiness.

Swimming pool architect: his role and his advantages 

Few people know this: for the construction of a swimming pool, it is possible to call on the services of an architect. Let’s take a closer look at all the advantages of using an architect. There are, however, very few architects who specialize solely in the design of swimming pools. A pool designer (a non-architect) is an individual who has a wide range of skills and can prepare a complete pool design. Let’s take a closer look at all the advantages of hiring an architect.

Creating a tailor-made project 

An architect will first and foremost take a personal approach to your pool project. He will consider globally installing your pool and study the feasibility of the project and the area around your swimming pool. He will then ensure that the pool fits in aesthetically and naturally with your living space. In this way, your pool, whether it is a skimmer or an overflow pool, will not only serve as a place of leisure and relaxation but also as a fundamental design asset for your home. Unlike most pool designers, an architect will be able to help you in several areas.

  • Coordinate the construction of a deck or the installation of a pool cover;
  • Assessing the need to build a pool house;
  • Define with you the design of the pool: biological pool, round or square pool, etc.
  • Advise you on the nature of the pool: overflow pool or skimmer pool.
  • Select the method of installation of the pool: shell pool, concrete pool, wooden pool, etc.
  • Guide you in selecting the pool’s interior lining: liner, tiling, mosaic, etc.

The drawing up of the plans 

There is no need to consult several pool builders with a pool architect to find the project that suits you. Your pool builder will design the pool of your dreams, directly from your desires and expectations. The architect will draw up your pool project according to your tastes, lifestyle, needs, budget, and the nature of the land.

The pool drawings also allow your project to be brought to life virtually before the construction phase of your underground pool. Therefore, the preparation of a detailed drawing before the start of the work is a considerable advantage. It allows the client to have a precise overview of the project, especially when the architect can show you a 3D simulation of your future oasis.

Advice and choice of materials 

One of the most important factors when having a pool built is the choice of materials. So who should you choose between, an architect or a pool builder, when you want a quality pool? Note that an architect gives you the freedom to select the materials that best suit your project’s durability and cost. He can advise you and inform you about the efficiency of certain materials, but you remain in absolute control of the work. Indeed, as he does not receive any commission on the materials used to build your pool, he has no interest in influencing you to select specific parts. You can, therefore, freely select durable but inexpensive materials to reduce your pool installation costs.

Morana's advice 👇

Get an architect who knows swimming pools

Swimming pools are not considered to be ordinary structures. To guide the client’s choices and create useful plans, the architect’s experience is vital.

Ask your pool builder for a drawing

Always request a plan of the pool project and details of the filtration system and options before signing your contract with the selected pool builder.

From A-Z, we’ll design your pool

Swimming pool builders: their approach and specificities

If you turn to a pool builder and not an architect for the construction of your pool, you should know that he will generally have a more standard approach to your project.

A ready-to-use pool solution

To meet your pool construction requirements, the pool specialist offers you, several pre-designed models. The customer can choose from a range of shell or concrete pools. Note that some pool builders, like architects, also consider the area surrounding the pool and adopt an overall harmonization approach to your garden. They can advise you on the design of your swimming area: beach, relaxation area, etc. However, this is not usually the role of a swimming pool builder. His service is often limited to the installation of the pool, without considering the surrounding landscape or the final aesthetic result of his work. After selecting your skimmer or overflow model, the pool builder will coordinate the work with his teams.

Every pool builder is different

The specialty of most pool builders is the sale of swimming pools. He is, therefore, a professional who offers “ready-made” solutions to his customers. This type of service is generally suitable for people who already have a clear idea of the result they want. They know perfectly well how the pool they have chosen from the vendor will fit into their environment. On the other hand, if you wish for a tailor-made approach to your project, the choice between an architect or a pool designer seems easy to make. When looking for your pool builder, you should compare the services provided by each one. It is then necessary to demand for several estimates to better determine the professional who will best suit your needs and wallet.

Your pool builder chooses the materials and the equipment

Once the quote has been approved, the pool builder takes charge of the pool installation project. He coordinates the various professionals involved: masons, electricians, plumbers, etc. He is also responsible for selecting the materials. This point, therefore, marks a significant difference between an architect and a pool specialist. Indeed, it is essential to note that the second one gets a margin on the chosen materials. Therefore, he will be able to present you with materials from which he will gain a personal financial advantage, which will directly impact the cost of building your pool.

Architect or pool builder? Morana's advice

The difference in services between an architect and a pool builder will undeniably influence your choice.

→ You want a tailor-made approach to your project, and you want to hire an architect to build your swimming pool? Beware, not all architects know how to approach the design of a pool.

→ You prefer to choose a ready-to-use kit pool model, and a pool builder seems like the best option. But how can you be sure to keep some control over the construction site and not be fooled by an overpriced choice of materials?

Turn to a swimming pool specialist who masters all the skills of these two businesses.


Morana water design is a unique and innovative concept that offers a global solution for building in-ground pools. We support our customers to enable them to make the pool of their dreams and transform their garden into a luxurious place, a source of joy and relaxation. Our tailor-made support allows you to :

  • Find the ideal location for your pool;
  • Define the design and nature of your pool;
  • Have a clear and precise view of your swimming pool thanks to playful and straightforward drawings;
  • Choose the materials et equipment that suits you.

Thanks to our expertise, there is no need to select between an architect or a pool designer. At Morana, we are true water architects capable of responding to the various problems encountered by our customers. We help them overcome the constraints and build a pool, considering the nature of the land. We also allow our customers to reduce their pool construction costs as we offer an all-in-one service. Are you still hesitating between an architect or a pool builder? Opt for a complete service with Morana Water Design.