What are cartridge pool filters and how do I choose one?


The use of a cartridge filter in your swimming pool provides you with a cost-effective and efficient way of keeping the water clean and safe. These pool filters are simple to operate, efficient, and environmentally friendly. Our goal in this article is to examine the different types of cartridge filters, their uses and characteristics, and […]

Save water by pool water recycling


Pool water recycling has become more widespread due to environmental concerns. By filtering and cleaning pool water, reusable resources are created that are both cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Nevertheless, there are a few things to keep in mind when recycling pool water, not the least of which is water quality and its potential impact on […]

Pool design for small yard


Whether you have a small or large yard, everyone dreams of having their swimming pool. The size of gardens and backyards is becoming smaller, especially in urban areas. Due to this, swimming pools designed for small spaces and restricted space are in high demand. How can you design a pool that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional […]

Landscaping around the pool: how to do it


A swimming pool project is incomplete without landscaping around the pool. It helps to achieve the look and complements the pool area. It also provides privacy and shade, helps to keep debris out of the pool, and adds beauty to the space. Throughout this article, you will be guided through the various aspects of swimming pool landscaping, from planting […]

Swimming pool construction: what material to use


Construction of a swimming pool is a major undertaking, and choosing the right construction material is of paramount importance. Concrete, wood, fiberglass, and steel are the most commonly used materials. Making the appropriate choice will impact your project’s durability, aesthetics, maintenance and overall cost. The Main Swimming Pool Construction Material Options Several types of materials […]

Design mistakes that can ruin your pool project


Swimming pool design plays an important role in determining its appearance, functionality, and maintenance. However, even with the most careful intentions, mistakes can be made during the design process.Errors can result in additional expenses, disappointment, and long-term problems. Therefore, it is essential to plan the pool design carefully and ensure it is done correctly. This will prevent […]

The indoor pool : what you need to know


Indoor swimming pools have long been considered the ultimate symbol of luxury and comfort. Not only do they allow you to swim all year round, whatever the weather, they also add aesthetic and financial value to your home. As such, designing an indoor pool is an exciting and rewarding endeavor that can bring years of […]

Pool design trends for the year 2023


Design and trends have always played an important role in the world of swimming pools. Now, more than ever, homeowners are increasingly looking for creative, modern solutions that will make their pool stand out from the crowd. This post will explore some of the hottest trends in pool design. Trends In Pool Design Over The […]

How to incorporate a swimming pool into an overall garden design?


Creating a swimming pool involves more than simply digging it up and filling it with water. It is a project that requires considerable thought to harmonize the swimming pool design with the existing landscape, in this case the garden. The goal is to make the pool seem like it’s always been there, in a harmonious, […]

Including a spa in your pool design: what you need to know


Have you ever dreamed of having a swimming pool with a spa to create your own private piece of paradise in your garden? Making a pool and spa your own private oasis is becoming increasingly popular, with the aim of using it to improve physical and mental health, enhance relaxation, and bring joy to your […]

Swimming pool design: the role of a plan designer


Designing a pool based on your dreams is a delicate and complex undertaking. The process requires careful attention to detail and a thorough understanding of the various components. During this process, the pool plan designer plays a key role. The services of this qualified professional are essential for the creation of a pool that is unique, functional, […]

What is the best swimming pool treatment ?


Water quality should be regularly monitored and maintained with the utmost care for ultimate safety. Proper testing and regular maintenance of swimming pool is essential for ensuring safety and water quality. Many swimming pool treatment systems are available to keep your pool water clean and clear. As part of this post, we will examine the […]

Eco-friendly pool construction: the keys to success


Due to global warming and increased pressure on our water and energy resources, building a swimming pool may appear to be an excessive luxury. You can, however, build a luxurious and environmentally conscious swimming pool by utilizing energy-efficient equipment and eco-friendly pool construction materials and pool-care products. In this detailed guide, you will learn how to construct […]

Saving water in swimming pools : Tips to cut


Managing water and, by extension, saving water are two of our major concerns. Pool owners are increasingly seeking solutions to minimize their consumption of this resource as global awareness of its importance grows. Fortunately, technological innovations have revolutionized the way that pool owners consume and manage their water, leading to a more sustainable and responsible […]

An overview of pool cleaning systems


Pool cleaning is one of the most critical tasks in pool maintenance to keep the water clear and healthy. In the past, cleaning your pool required a great deal of effort, but that was before technology! It is now possible to simplify your life by using automated systems. With them, pool cleaning is no longer […]

5 mistakes to avoid when installing a pool filtering system


Installing a pool filtering system is a complex task that requires careful planning and attention to detail. A poorly installed filtration system can lead to a range of problems, from cloudy pool water to high maintenance expenses. To ensure a successful installation, it is helpful to have the support of an experienced professional who knows […]

Different types of pool valves and how to choose them


Pool valves are a key component of the equipment needed to keep your pool running smoothly. Depending on the type of valve and its position in the pool filtration system, its role is different. Valves can be used to control the water flow, adjust the water pressure, isolate areas of the pool system for maintenance […]

The 3 concrete pool types and how to choose them


The concrete pool is a popular choice for homeowners seeking a durable, customizable swimming pool. Before deciding, homeowners should weigh the pros and cons of each type of concrete swimming pool. This will ensure the right fit for their outdoor space. Our discussion in this article will focus on each type of concrete pool and […]

How to keep your pool filter pump running efficiently


As you probably know, a pool filter pump is essential. This equipment is responsible for collecting water from the pool and conveying it to the filtration system. This filtration system is essential for keeping the pool water clean and free of debris. Without it, the pool wouldn’t have clean water, and it wouldn’t be safe […]

How to design the perfect pool pump room


Designing a pool is an exciting task, but it requires attention to many details. Despite the excitement of creating a pool, it is worthwhile to devote ample time to planning and considering all details to have the perfect pool. Undoubtedly, one of the most significant aspects to not neglect is the pool pump room design. A well-designed […]

The different types of pool edge and their use


The edge of the pool provides an area to rest, as well as a way to enter and exit the pool safely. It also serves a decorative purpose, as the pool edge can be customized to match your landscaping and personal preferences. Pool edges come in various materials, from concrete to stone, and each has […]

Connecting a pool pump : mistakes to avoid


The pool pump plays an essential role in maintaining clean, crystal clear water by circulating water through the filtration system. Therefore, it is important to take extra precautions and make sure all pool pump connections are done correctly to avoid costly mistakes. A wrong connection can lead to a damaged pump, resulting in a significant […]

Why you should use a high-flow rate pool pump


In swimming pools, the choice of equipment is crucial to ensure optimal operation and a pleasant swimming experience. Among this equipment, the pool pump plays an essential role in ensuring proper circulation and efficient filtration of the water. Without a properly functioning pool pump, the water in a swimming pool can become stagnant, cloudy, and […]

What are some tips for minimizing the cost of an infinity pool?


When considering an overflow pool, one wants to include all the options seen in magazines, at friends’ houses, etc. All of this comes at a price. Making the right choices in terms of pool facilities begins with a budget. CALCULATE THE BUDGET FOR AN OVERFLOW POOL Building an infinity pool or a deck-level pool can […]

Infinity pools can be built in many ways

There are several points that need to be considered when constructing a traditional swimming pool, or one with an overflow. Unless you take these steps, your modern pool project may not meet your expectations. Infinity Overflow Vs. Zero Edge Overflow A vanishing edge pool prioritizes water quality and aesthetics. Water circulates in all these pools […]

The key factors in building an infinity pool


Infinity pools require a lot of organization. Building a dream pool is a long process, starting with the design and ending with its launch. Priorities Before overflow pool Construction Between the decision to have a custom-made pool and the groundbreaking, steps and decisions will need to be made. Finding The Right Location It is necessary […]

Infinity pool construction regulations in France

construire soi-même piscine, les paperasses administratives

English speakers living in France or overseas should read this post. When it comes to building an infinity pool, it is essential to understand how it differs from a regular pool. Features Of An Infinity Pool It is necessary to add masonry structures, a surge tank and a channel to these pools where the water […]

Designing an infinity pool isn’t easy

schéma de piscine à débordement

An infinity pool plan can be a hand drawn sketch, a schematic drawing, or a complete set of construction blueprints. They are all different, and they can’t be realized the same way. What’s the point of a pool drawing? A plan is only required for masonry pools made from solid concrete, cemented blocks, or shuttering […]

Building your own infinity pool: the pros and cons

avantage et inconvénient de l'auto-construction

It is often due to a lack of knowledge about how to self-build a zero-edge pool or an infinity pool that the idea of making such an overflow pool remains in the box. What Is The Process Of Building A Vanishing Edge Pool? To obtain a turnkey pool, you can either hire a pool builder […]

Infinity pools: a guide to creating your own

construire soi-même une piscine à débordement

Overflow pools are an alternative to pool kits. But how do you choose the right overflow for your land? What pitfalls need to be avoided? How do you prepare your construction project? Find out in our guide. What Types Of Infinity Pools Should Be Built? No skimmers in this in-ground or semi-in-ground pool, only an […]

Infinity pools: what type of land is most suitable?

For every type of land, there are problems, but also solutions. Today, the trend is to respect the natural characteristics of the terrain, whether in terms of quality or profile. As a result, more and more municipalities are banning major earth movements, as was the case several decades ago. Furthermore, this article will explain the […]

What is the importance of a gutter in a zero-edge pool ?

Goulotte recouverte de galets

There is no way to build an overflow pool without a gutter: whether the pool spills on four sides or one side, it is an essential component of the hydraulic system. What Is The Purpose Of The Channel? In a regular pool, surface water is drawn through skimmers and filtered, disinfected, and heated in the […]

Is it possible to build an infinity pool yourself?

Construire soi-même piscine à débordement

While flipping through a decorating magazine, who hasn’t dreamed of having an infinity pool? A once-exclusive option for “high-end” pool builders, you can now create your own infinity pool. The steps are outlined here. Things To Consider Before Work Begins Any construction project requires respecting a methodology. Everything starts with a plan, whether we’re talking […]

A variety of options for infinity pools


Even though infinity pools are already considered luxury pools, some people want to add comforts or amenities. Swimming With A Counter-Current In An Overflow Pool It is not possible for everyone to install a swim lane in their backyard so that they can line up laps. There is, fortunately, a counter-current system that is suitable […]

Making an infinity pool plan with or without a professional

As construction costs and materials go up, a new trend is emerging: build your own pool. If an infinity pool is to be designed without sacrificing aesthetics or quality, what are the best practices? Hire a professional or do it yourself? What Is An Infinity Or Zero Edge Pool Plan? You will find many references […]

Importance of a filtration system drawing for the construction of an overflow pool

filtration piscine 3D

Plant room filtration systems are often talked about, but they wouldn’t work without pipes and inlets and drains in the swimming pool. By using this hydraulic network, the pool’s water is kept clean for swimming. Thus, a hydraulic drawing is essential. How Does Pool Filtration Work? The pool water always contains impurities and suspended particles […]

Avoid these overflow pool schema mistakes

dessiner un schéma de piscine à débordement

Overflow pools work differently than traditional pools with skimmers. Nonetheless, it is extremely crucial to ensure the water in the swimming pool is clean and healthy at all times. A zero edge pool design helps to clarify the construction of the pool. Infinity Pool Schema: What Is It? Diagrams of overflow pools are not detailed drawings, […]

Everything you need to know about remodeling an overflow pool

rénovation piscine à débordement

There are over 10 million residential pools in the United States. Between 2022 and 2027, the US swimming pool construction market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 3.30%. An inground concrete pool has a long life. There will likely be a need for a brand-new pool liner after 10 or 15 years, though […]

Building an overflow pool in a hotel; a smart investment?

construction d'une piscine à débordement

A room’s comfort or the quality of the welcome may not be enough to entice an increasingly picky clientele. An overflow pool has always been a coveted asset for hoteliers who are lucky enough to have one. Why not invest in a deck level pool or an infinity overflow pool? The Overflow swimming pool: Principles […]

Infinity pool filtration system: how to install?

For their beauty and elegance, infinity pools have long been a dream. Often, they can be considered the jewels of the garden due to their fusion with their surroundings. Unfortunately, their technical qualities frequently remain unnoticed. Knowing how an infinity pool filtration system works will help you better understand why water quality is significantly improved. […]

Overflow pools: what kinds of pools are there?

In the old days, overflow pools were reserved for luxury hotels or sumptuous homeowners, but now more and more gardens are adding them. These in-ground pools offer a host of aesthetic advantages, but what about their technical benefits? Let’s talk about how zero edge pools work first. It’s Called The Overflow Pool Water is spilling […]

Beach entry pool: everything you need to know

Beach entry pool

A few decades ago, a traditional pool entry was via a ladder, but things have changed. The entrance into the pool water can take place as if you were at the seaside or a lake, by a wide expanse of space that gradually deepens. This option is suitable for overflow pools but also those with […]

The architecture of an infinity pool: how to design a pool?

Architecture-piscine à débordement

While it is pretty common to call upon an architect to define the plans of a house, it is not usual for the construction of a swimming pool. Drawing a swimming pool consists of determining its location, shape, and dimensions whilst considering the profile of the ground, the earthwork, and the town planning rules – […]

How do you set up plumbing for an infinity pool ?


During the pool’s design steps, the piping layout in the pool plant room is often forgotten. Why? Because it is the least visible and least funny part. However, this is where the miracle does happen: the one that allows you to swim in clear, healthy, and possibly heated water.  Therefore, drawing the plant room according to the planned […]

Integrating a swimming pool in your garden: how to reach a harmonious result?

Intégrer une piscine dans son jardin - Création conseil Morana

Sun, fresh water and relaxation., etc., who has never dreamed of having a swimming pool in their garden to enjoy during the summer months? Does this image sound like it’s time to take action and install a swimming pool in front of your house? However, you must consider several factors to integrate a swimming pool […]

Architect or pool builder: who should you choose to build your pool?

Architecte ou pisciniste : qui choisir pour construire sa piscine ? - Creation conseil Morana

Have you decided to embark on a pool construction project and turn your garden into a little corner of paradise? You should know that the construction phase requires the intervention of professionals specialized in installing swimming pools. To build a swimming area around your house, you can call on the services of an architect or […]

Price of an in-ground pool: what budget should you allow?

Prix piscine enterrée - Morana

The in-ground pool is a real jewel that will transform your garden into a corner of paradise. Among its close cousins, the semi-sunken pool and the above-ground pool, it is the top of the range option. Why is that? Simply because it is the most solid, the most durable and the most stylish. In a […]

What is the best lining to choose for your pool?

The best pool coating or pool surface allows you to enjoy a relaxing time in your pool, while ensuring a long life. That said, you need to make sure that you choose an option that meets specific standards and meets your needs. It is helpful to know that there are different types of linings on […]

The infinity pool: a calm oasis in your garden


Want to enjoy a cocktail while marvelling at the breathtaking panoramic view? The overflow pool is for you! We’ll show you the essentials for turning your garden into a refreshing oasis. What Is An Infinity Pool, And Why Build One? An infinity pool is an in-ground pool. The water overflows from the main pool into a gutter. Depending on […]

Advantages of infinity pools: what’s so special about them ?

faire piscine debordement

The swimming pool is an oasis of happiness at the foot of your house. It is the beating heart of your leisure and relaxation time, a place for sweet reveries or moments of fun and madness. To make the most of it, which pool model should you choose for an aesthetic garden full of life? […]

How to secure an overflow pool? Solutions approved in France

How to secure an overflow pool? Solutions approved in France - Morana

French law is stringent in this area; the approval of systems only applies to this country. An infinity pool is an aesthetic element in your garden. It offers an idyllic resting place for the whole family and delights with its modernity and design. But when installing a pool at home, it is essential to think about […]

Design your pool : 5 key questions to ask yourself before you start


The overflow edge pool is undoubtedly an aesthetic asset for your garden. This sumptuous jewel decorates the space surrounding your home and creates a luxurious and peaceful oasis atmosphere. But before you embark on the construction of an overflow pool, it is essential to consider one critical step that must precede the start of the […]

A DIY natural pool


Building a DIY natural swimming pool can be as simple as building a traditional swimming pool. It can even be facilitated if you move away from concrete or prefabricated walls.  We explain the method at the end of this article. How To Design A Natural Pool Choosing to build a natural swimming pool is a […]

What is a landscaped swimming pool

landscaped swimming pool

Many people talk about building a landscaped swimming pool but don’t always know what it means precisely. In short, it is a question of perfectly integrating a water body into its environment. How do you approach this construction project? Which pool professional is best able to help you in the realisation of the pool of […]

The cost of building an infinity swimming pool

overflow pool

When building a backyard pool, you wonder about the cost of construction or installation and maintenance. Is it more expensive to make an infinity pool than a regular one? One or more walls stop at the water level and slope down in a vanishing deck pool. Water that flows over the edge goes into a […]

How to choose the right place for a pool and draw it on the ground

infinity swimming pool with sea view

Deciding on the location of the future pool is the beginning of the dream! It is both the choice of the location but also the first materialization:  by drawing the swimming pool on the ground, we can finally grasp the size and the shape of the project, the location in relation to the house, the […]

A guide about swimming pool remodelings

swimming pool lining

A concrete swimming pool remodeling may be desired or desirable for technical or aesthetic reasons. But nothing prevents you from combining the useful with the aesthetic. Renovating a concrete swimming pool to make it more beautiful This is called pool staging, by analogy with home staging. For smaller amounts of money, you will feel like […]

How to build a DIY overflow swimming pool


About 60,000 indoor and outdoor swimming pools are built or installed in France, placing the French market in second place after the United States. Over the last 25 years, the pool market has changed a lot, and more and more people want to build a nice overflow pool without breaking the bank. Can You Build […]

The 101 guide to swimming pool building permits

Infinity pool drawing

This post is for English speakers who wish to build a swimming pool in France. However, we have found that our plans meet the requirements of most countries. Before the start of work, a pool building permit is compulsory.  Depending on the size of the pool and the construction area, the planning rules and regulations […]

Your swimming pool project: by whom and with whom

Swimming pool project

The beautiful days are coming, and the question comes up again : a swimming pool project, why not? Etc. but building a pool is expensive! I would like to build it myself, but I don’t know how to do it! I would like it to enhance my garden. How to design it? Etc. How To […]

How to choose a swimming pool lining

Fiberglass reinforced polyester is increasingly being used as swimming pool lining; like tiles, liner, reinforced PVC, plaster, stone, and mosaic, it will cover the walls and bottom and ensure the pool’s finish. The Role Of The Swimming Pool Lining Some, such as fiberglass-reinforced polyester or liner, have a dual role; they ensure the finish and […]

Why do I need a swimmig pool pump room design ?

A technical diagram for the swimming pool pump room is necessary or compulsory for anyone planning to build a swimming pool. Why? Because the filtration group, the real engine of the pool and therefore the most crucial part, is installed there; if you think about it, what would the pool be without the filtration system: […]

What is a swimming pool plumbing diagram ?

swimming pool plumbing diagram

The swimming pool plumbing diagram shows how to connect the various components of the swimming pool filtration system: swimming pool pump, filter, water disinfection, heating, etc. It shows schematically all the equipment selected and the way they are connected. The goal of a filtration diagram is only to understand the filtration concept; for that reason, […]

Why are the water levellers crucial in an infinity swimming pool ?

The balancing tank is essential to the operation of an overflow swimming pool, but you will become its slave without pool water levelers! What Is The Balancing Tank Used For? This equipment is absolutely not necessary in a regular pool with skimmers, since the water is sucked directly into the pool. An underground or semi-underground vanishing […]

Balancing tank and overflow swimming pool

balancing tank swimming pool

The balancing tank and the overflow swimming pool system always work together. The first one is located on the hydraulic circuit of an in-ground or semi in-ground pool, between the pool and the pump. Some people call it a surge or balance tank or a catch basin. What Does A Balancing Tank In An Overflow […]

Zero edge pool or negative edge pool ?

The zero-edge pool, also called deck-level pool, has been very fashionable for some time now. Still, we should not forget the other types of overflows. There are, in fact, four main ones and, even if the principle of operating is more or less the same, the aesthetic effect can be thoroughly unique. The main visual […]

The infinity pool construction: a technique within everyone’s reach!

overflow pool

There are many articles about the aesthetics of infinity pools, like the water line that merges with the horizon or the mirror effect of the pool surface. There’s more. The water quality is also better. An Overview Of The Vanishing Edge Overflow Technique Essentially, overflow refers to a reverse hydraulic system that maintains clean water […]