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A few decades ago, a traditional pool entry was via a ladder, but things have changed. The entrance into the pool water can take place as if you were at the seaside or a lake, by a wide expanse of space that gradually deepens. This option is suitable for overflow pools but also those with skimmers.

What is a beach entry pool?

Also known as zero-entry, a beach entry links the pool deck and the swim lane itself, a real place of conviviality and serenity. This system replaces or complements traditional steps and enables gradual entry into the water. It gives a free-form pool a Polynesian lagoon look. Still, it is also ideal for a rectangular and geometric pool.

The fabulous concept of the submerged pool deck is to create a gentle slope for easy access and a lounging area for napping with your feet in the water. Young children enjoy this shallow water area, but we remind them that they should never be left unattended.

The advantages of the zero-entry pool

An overview of the various advantages of a walk-in pool will give you a clearer picture of this very aesthetic option. Find out why you should build a beach entry pool.

Choose quality materials

Once limited to pools with a reinforced concrete structure, shell and kit pools have beach entries too. It is essential to choose non-skid coatings to avoid the risk of slipping. Moreover, some materials, such as the pool liner, are unsuitable: the shallow depth does not allow it to adhere well to the pool structure.

It is common to use the same material as the one used in the main pool; another option is to use the same stone as the terrace. Also, consider the materials around the pool.

Shallow and safe

Very popular with parents of young children, this area with a small volume of water allows the youngest to gain confidence in the water environment without risk. They will be able to swim in this small pool. In addition, the water temperature is much more pleasant.

Note: We remind you that children should continuously be under the watchful eye of an adult.

The beauty and conviviality of a zero-entry pool

Integrating a beach entry into a semi-in-ground or in-ground pool project brings a plus; it is visually stunning. Your pool is not only a place to swim, but also a place to relax in the sun and warm water. You will be able to see the different colors of the water, just like at the seaside, if you have a beach entry.

Accessibility for people with reduced mobility

Access to the water is made more accessible to the disabled with a gently sloping path. According to the International Swimming Pool and Spa Code, slopes must be a 1:7 ratio; the pool can have no more than one foot in depth for every seven feet. Stainless-steel handrails make access to these semi-in-ground or in-ground pools even safer.

However, it is essential to think carefully about this area’s hydraulic circuit and filtration system to avoid the proliferation of bacteria and algae. Indeed, the latter makes the pool deck slippery.

A discrete housing for the submerged roller shutter

The roller shutter has become one of the most common safety equipment installed on overflow pools or skimmers. Therefore, a pool builder proposes integrating the roller shutter under the pool entry. It offers the advantage of retracting the shaft and motor without building a masonry box.

The different types of zero entry pools

We usually think of a gentle slope when talking about a beach entry. Still, several versions of this option are available. Another version, often called tanning ledge or Californian deck, consists of a 2 feet large horizontal platform followed by several steps to access the swimming area. It is very common to use the platform to install sun loungers.

Some pool builders call an extra-wide step a beach entry. A sectional drawing of the pool helps clarify this point.

The deck’s aesthetics will resemble the seaside, with a free-form infinity pool.

Our advice for building a beach entry pool?

The sloping entry is usually designed during the development of the pool project. It is, therefore, a global construction requiring a building permit.

When renovating a pool, adding the sloped entry is possible. It will often lead to a modification or even an adjustment of the concrete structure. It will also take up a lot of additional space in the garden.

It is essential to avoid the proliferation of algae, microorganisms, and impurities that make the slope slippery. A proper design of the hydraulic circuit, a reasonable choice of beach entry coating, and careful pool maintenance will avoid any inconvenience.