A room’s comfort or the quality of the welcome may not be enough to entice an increasingly picky clientele. An overflow pool has always been a coveted asset for hoteliers who are lucky enough to have one. Why not invest in a deck level pool or an infinity overflow pool?

The Overflow swimming pool: Principles Of Operation

We must first understand how infinity or perimeter overflow pools work before we can look at their benefits for a hotel. Everyone has heard of the illusion of water disappearing into nature or the Zen atmosphere, but how does it work?

In regular pools, water drains out through skimmers and reaches the filtration system. Water spilling from the pool overflows into a gutter below the pool edge and enters the balance tank. Water is sucked from the catch basin by the filter pump. Afterward, it is filtered, disinfected, and returned to the pool.

Balance tank pools have been used for decades and meet the regulations for public swimming pools. The same is true for hotels, camping grounds, and tourist residences.

Build An Overflow Pool For An Aesthetic Pool With Easy Maintenance

An overflow pool can greatly enhance the aesthetic appeal of a hotel, creating a luxurious and upscale atmosphere that attracts affluent clients seeking a high-end experience. Additionally, the presence of an overflow pool can offer stunning views and serve as a focal point for the hotel, making it stand out among competitors. Furthermore, the design of an overflow pool often includes advanced filtration systems, ensuring cleaner and more pristine water for the guests to enjoy.

Space enhancement

No matter if the pool is indoors or outdoors, it is imperative to strive for full integration and enhancement of the site. Here are some factors to consider:

  • The view, while specifying that a 180o sea view is not mandatory for an infinity pool.
  • The location of the in-ground or semi-in-ground pool in relation to the premises
  • The hotel style

An aesthetically pleasing design that respects the site should take all these factors into account. An infinity pool’s unmatched view cannot be compared to a zero-edge pool’s aesthetics. There is a pool for every environment.

You can benefit from seeking professional assistance whether you want an infinity or a perimeter overflow pool. These professionals know how to make the most of available space.

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...and the technique!

Since the edge perimeter overflow pool is often used in communities, this isn’t a coincidence! Pool water that is overflowing all around is much easier to skim. Jets placed at the bottom of the pool facilitate mixing of cleaning products and disinfectants. Consequently, the water is better treated and the pool is easier to maintain.

Combined with a disinfection system, the water circulation system offers the highest guarantee of a clean pool free of microbes and impurities.

Example of a project created for a 5* campsite by Morana Water Design

Morana's advice 👇

A tailor made infinity swimming pool.

Architects and pool builders can design and build this type of pool, but if you want more control and want to save money, you’re probably better off working with a pool designer and construction company.

Make sure you hire the right people.

Building a swimming pool for a hotel or campsite requires an understanding of not only swimming pools, but also applicable laws.

Let’s work together on your infinity pool project.

Overflow Swimming Pools: Why Invest In Them

In-ground pools and semi-in-ground pools are considered to be costly investments. Similarly, hotels consider them to be costly investments. Nevertheless, upgrades do more than increase a hotel’s value – they also provide a more luxurious experience for its guests.

If you’re looking to create a calm, relaxing atmosphere for your guests, the zero-edge pool is an excellent choice. It is possible for some people to prefer the dynamic feeling of the water vanishing over the edge of the pool. It’s all about personal preference.

Is Building An Overflow Pool More Challenging Than Building A regular Pool with skimmers?

Infinity edge pools or deck level pools seem complex until you figure out how they work and how to design them; construction is no more challenging and won’t break the bank. Basically, both of these projects involve raising walls and laying pipes.

The extra cost associated with an overflow is related to the catch basin, the gutter, and additional safety devices in the plant room; it shouldn’t exceed 20%. Get a professional to do it.

How Does Morana Water Design Help Hotels Build Infinity Or Perimeter Overflow Pools?

Hotel, campsite or hotel residence infinity pools are designed in accordance with the specific needs of each establishment. A safe children’s area is needed for one, while an infinity hot tub is desired for the other. Dialogue is essential to gain a full understanding of the concrete pool’s design and its surroundings.


Hotel infinity pools and deck level pools must adhere to certain restrictions to be open to the public. As a result, the design of these structures should be handled by experts who are familiar with all of these regulations. There is no doubt that adding an original infinity pool, a balneotherapy area, etc., will add value to the property. Therefore, it makes sense to work with a swimming pool designer and contractors.

You can build a custom swimming pool with Morana Water Design without having to deal with swimming pool builders. A preliminary project is done to determine the clientele’s needs. All the layouts, including that for the hydraulic system, allow the client to designate the companies who will perform the work. To complete the drawings, Morana Water Design provides with advice, tips, and a list of equipment.