Is an enclosed pool the right choice for you?


It is a major decision to install an indoor swimming pool and should be carefully considered. Apart from the initial cost, there are a number of pros and cons to consider. We will discuss the advantages of an indoor swimming pool in this article in order to help you decide if it is right for […]

Landscaping around the pool: how to do it


A swimming pool project is incomplete without landscaping around the pool. It helps to achieve the look and complements the pool area. It also provides privacy and shade, helps to keep debris out of the pool, and adds beauty to the space. Throughout this article, you will be guided through the various aspects of swimming pool landscaping, from planting […]

How to incorporate a swimming pool into an overall garden design?


Creating a swimming pool involves more than simply digging it up and filling it with water. It is a project that requires considerable thought to harmonize the swimming pool design with the existing landscape, in this case the garden. The goal is to make the pool seem like it’s always been there, in a harmonious, […]

Choosing the right pool positioning: 5 keys to success


It’s important to pick the right positioning for your pool. It’ll impact your outdoor space’s comfort, functionality, and aesthetics. The right location allows you to enjoy your pool to the fullest while minimizing maintenance and safety issues. Basically, we’re going to look at five tips for choosing the proper swimming pool positioning, like the slope […]

Integrating a swimming pool in your garden: how to reach a harmonious result?

Intégrer une piscine dans son jardin - Création conseil Morana

Sun, fresh water and relaxation., etc., who has never dreamed of having a swimming pool in their garden to enjoy during the summer months? Does this image sound like it’s time to take action and install a swimming pool in front of your house? However, you must consider several factors to integrate a swimming pool […]

How to choose the right place for a pool and draw it on the ground

infinity swimming pool with sea view

Deciding on the location of the future pool is the beginning of the dream! It is both the choice of the location but also the first materialization:  by drawing the swimming pool on the ground, we can finally grasp the size and the shape of the project, the location in relation to the house, the […]