Diving into the depths : Exploring the pool construction costs


Swimming pools have always been the epitome of luxury and relaxation, transforming any backyard into a personal oasis. However, before taking the plunge into pool ownership, it’s crucial to understand the costs of pool construction. In this blog post, we will take a deep dive into the spectrum of pool price ranges, exploring the various […]

Pool Designer vs Pool Contractor: Choosing the Best for Your Swimming Pool Construction


When it comes to building the perfect swimming pool, there are many factors to consider. From designing a custom oasis for relaxation and family enjoyment to selecting high-quality materials and equipment, the process can seem overwhelming. This is where the expertise of a pool designer or contractor comes into play. But which one is better […]

Infinity pools: Where serenity meets architectural marvels


When it comes to creating a luxurious and captivating outdoor space, few features rival the elegance of an infinity edge pool. This architectural marvel offers a stunning visual appeal and creates a seamless transition between the pool and its surrounding environment. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of infinity edge pool […]

5 keys to crafting the perfect poolscape

Exemple de création d'un espace piscine

When it comes to creating the perfect oasis in your backyard, a poolscape is an essential element that can elevate your outdoor space to new heights. A poolscape is more than just a pool; it encompasses a range of design elements, landscaping features, and functional additions that come together to create a breathtaking and functional […]

Swimming pool design: the role of a plan designer


Designing a pool based on your dreams is a delicate and complex undertaking. The process requires careful attention to detail and a thorough understanding of the various components. During this process, the pool plan designer plays a key role. The services of this qualified professional are essential for the creation of a pool that is unique, functional, […]

What’s the point of having a pool project manager?

Un maitre d'oeuvre de piscine pour réussir son projet

The pool project manager supervises pool construction. He is responsible for ensuring that the project is built in accordance with the plans and specifications agreed upon between the homeowner and the contractor. This mission is entrusted to him by the person who builds the work, known as the project owner, usually the homeowner. In private […]

Making an infinity pool plan with or without a professional

As construction costs and materials go up, a new trend is emerging: build your own pool. If an infinity pool is to be designed without sacrificing aesthetics or quality, what are the best practices? Hire a professional or do it yourself? What Is An Infinity Or Zero Edge Pool Plan? You will find many references […]

The architecture of an infinity pool: how to design a pool?

Architecture-piscine à débordement

While it is pretty common to call upon an architect to define the plans of a house, it is not usual for the construction of a swimming pool. Drawing a swimming pool consists of determining its location, shape, and dimensions whilst considering the profile of the ground, the earthwork, and the town planning rules – […]

Architect or pool builder: who should you choose to build your pool?

Architecte ou pisciniste : qui choisir pour construire sa piscine ? - Creation conseil Morana

Have you decided to embark on a pool construction project and turn your garden into a little corner of paradise? You should know that the construction phase requires the intervention of professionals specialized in installing swimming pools. To build a swimming area around your house, you can call on the services of an architect or […]

Your swimming pool project: by whom and with whom

Swimming pool project

The beautiful days are coming, and the question comes up again : a swimming pool project, why not? Etc. but building a pool is expensive! I would like to build it myself, but I don’t know how to do it! I would like it to enhance my garden. How to design it? Etc. How To […]