Swimming pool design: the role of a plan designer


Designing a pool based on your dreams is a delicate and complex undertaking. The process requires careful attention to detail and a thorough understanding of the various components. During this process, the pool plan designer plays a key role. The services of this qualified professional are essential for the creation of a pool that is unique, functional, […]

Making an infinity pool plan with or without a professional

As construction costs and materials go up, a new trend is emerging: build your own pool. If an infinity pool is to be designed without sacrificing aesthetics or quality, what are the best practices? Hire a professional or do it yourself? What Is An Infinity Or Zero Edge Pool Plan? You will find many references […]

The architecture of an infinity pool: how to design a pool?

Architecture-piscine à débordement

While it is pretty common to call upon an architect to define the plans of a house, it is not usual for the construction of a swimming pool. Drawing a swimming pool consists of determining its location, shape, and dimensions whilst considering the profile of the ground, the earthwork, and the town planning rules – […]

Architect or pool builder: who should you choose to build your pool?

Architecte ou pisciniste : qui choisir pour construire sa piscine ? - Creation conseil Morana

Have you decided to embark on a pool construction project and turn your garden into a little corner of paradise? You should know that the construction phase requires the intervention of professionals specialized in installing swimming pools. To build a swimming area around your house, you can call on the services of an architect or […]

Your swimming pool project: by whom and with whom

Swimming pool project

The beautiful days are coming, and the question comes up again : a swimming pool project, why not? Etc. but building a pool is expensive! I would like to build it myself, but I don’t know how to do it! I would like it to enhance my garden. How to design it? Etc. How To […]