The overflow edge pool is undoubtedly an aesthetic asset for your garden. This sumptuous jewel decorates the space surrounding your home and creates a luxurious and peaceful oasis atmosphere. But before you embark on the construction of an overflow pool, it is essential to consider one critical step that must precede the start of the work: the construction drawings. Interested in learning how to design an infinity pool or a deck level one and build the pool of your dreams? Here is all the information you need to make your pool project successful and produce reliable and precise drawings.

Why Is It Important To Make Your Pool Drawings?

That’s it; you finally decide to start building your infinity pool! You are full of joy and excitement. You see yourself already at the edge of turquoise water, sipping a nice refreshing cocktail with your eyes riveted on the horizon. If this sweet dream is not so far away, the reality requires a little adjustment. Firstly, to make your infinity pool project a reality, you must not neglect any step. Note that one of the most important steps is the creation of pool drawings.

Why is it necessary to draw your pool before starting the construction? Quite simply because it is a central document that allows you to facilitate the rest of the work. 

Indeed, to install your pool, whether it is a shell pool or a concrete project with skimmers or overflow, you will have to carry out administrative procedures with your town hall. You will have to file a declaration of works or even ask for a building permit depending on the size of the pool. In any case, your town council will ask you to provide several documents, including the famous pool drawings.

These same will also allow you to have a more precise idea of the pool’s surface, location on your land, and all the technical data involved in its installation.

What should be on a pool plan?

What are these precious blueprints, and what are they really for? To build an infinity pool, you must consider several aesthetic, practical and technical aspects. A plan of your future oasis will allow you to have a precise overview of all these points. Thus, the drawings of your overflow edge pool will allow you to choose the location of the pool, to better understand the space it will occupy in your garden and the overall aesthetic. By learning how to make a pool plan, you will also know the materials you will have to use for its construction and the impact that certain constraints may have on the progress of the construction.

It may be sufficient to submit a general plan and sectional drawing showing the exact dimensions, including the depth, to obtain planning permission.

In addition to the above plan, if you intend to build the pool yourself or with non-specialist contractors, you will need the following technical specifications: 

  • its electrical connection and lighting system;
  • the location of the pool’s balancing tank;
  • the location of the stairs;
  • the location of pipes and valves;
  • details of the rest of all its equipment.
Such drawings allow you to obtain a more accurate estimate of the final cost of your infinity pool. It provides an appreciation of the equipment and materials you will need, the constraints you will have to face, or the overall rendering you want to obtain.

Morana's advice 👇

A tailor made infinity swimming pool

Architects and pool builders can design and build this type of pool, but if you want more control and want to save money, you’re probably better off working with a pool designer and construction company.

Affordably build a pool

Despite infinity pools being technically complex, non-specialized companies can build your dream pool at a reasonable price.

Seek professional support for your pool project.

How To Design An Overflow Pool?

There are several ways to make a pool drawing.

→ It is quite possible to draw your future pool yourself using simulation software. However, this approach requires a good command of computer tools and may require some time to learn the various programs. There is also the risk of not obtaining a sufficiently detailed diagram and of forgetting certain important data.

→ You can also call on a professional to design your pool. This is usually an architect or a pool designer. At Créations Conseils Morana, we give you the benefit of our know-how in our three areas of expertise: pool architecture, hydraulic engineering and assistance to the project owner. 

A swimming pool plan designed by Creations Conseils Morana

Thanks to our role as multi-hatted pool designers and our long experience in pool construction and installation, we produce clear and precise plans, suitable even for novices and first-time builders. We provide you with :

  • A preliminary project: to help you find the ideal location for your pool on your land.
  • A general plan: with all the details to make it easy for the masons to do their work.
  • The piping layout drawings: they include information on the piping, plumbing, filtration (which includes the suction and return of water to the pool), pipes, but also the valves and equipment in the pump room.

These drawings are complete and, in the great majority of cases, are sufficient to submit your declaration of works to your local council. Each drawing delivered in PDF format is the result of careful work, during which we calculate all the data and consider all the parameters to build the overflow pool of your dreams.


What is special about the design of an infinity pool?

Overflow pools have many advantages over skimmer pools. In addition to being more aesthetically pleasing, they are also easier to clean because they filter themselves naturally, thanks to their overflow system. In fact, everything that ends up in the pool (dead leaves, insects, dust, solar products, etc.) is naturally directed towards the overflow. Thus, all the water on the surface is filtered. It is mainly the pool’s balancing tank that allows this filtration by collecting the water that overflows. Moreover, this particularity of luxury pools requires a somewhat different approach when drawing up the plans.

In contrast to a concrete pool with skimmers, the plan must explicitly indicate the compensation tank’s location on the plans to create an overflowing pool. Therefore, when you are looking to create drawings for the construction of your pool, it is important to call on the services of specialists in infinity or zero-edge pools.

Why hire a specialist for your pool plans?

Would you like to benefit from real expertise to be sure of the final result? We can help you draw up your plans for the construction of your infinity or zero edge pool. This will be a simple process that takes place in just a few steps :

→ We discuss your construction project together, your wishes and requirements, and consider the characteristics and features of your plot.

→ We try to give shape to your dreams through precise drawings that are easy for everyone to understand.

→ We send you the complete drawings of your swimming pool within a period of time defined together, allowing you to understand better and orientate your construction work and start the site with complete peace of mind.

→ We remain available to support you during the building of your overflow pool.



It has been our privilege to build infinity edge pools around the world for over 30 years. Having worked in less-developed countries, we came up with the idea that anyone can build an infinity pool with the right assistance.