An infinity pool plan can be a hand drawn sketch, a schematic drawing, or a complete set of construction blueprints. They are all different, and they can’t be realized the same way.

What's the point of a pool drawing?

A plan is only required for masonry pools made from solid concrete, cemented blocks, or shuttering blocks; for polyester shells and kit pools, the manufacturer’s assembly manual is enough.

Pool construction administrative procedures

 In France, most private pools only require a prior declaration of works (DP). Town halls may request other drawings, especially when a building permit is required, or the installation site is in a protected area.

To build an in-ground or semi-in-ground pool larger than 10 m2, the owner must submit a ground plan and a section of the construction project.


It is necessary to position the general pool plan on the title plan map to judge the distance from neighbors or streets.

A section of the pool is intended to show how the bottom of the pool fits into sloping ground. It also shows how much earthwork needs to be done to install an inground pool.

Sample of general plan for DP
Sample of section for dP
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Learn more about the French regulations.

Help with the construction of overflow pools

For shotcrete or poured concrete pools, you can have them built or construct them yourself. Pool drawings are extremely helpful for those who wish to construct their own.

What Are The Advantages Of Having An Overflow Pool Plan?

It is essential to have a comprehensive plan when building or renovating a pool to make sure everything runs smoothly. There are many solutions available for building a durable infinity pool that can be chosen according to your investment preferences.
By taking on some work or purchases, you can reduce the price of a pool or install more features, such as:
● Instead of a simple cover, use an automatic cover or movable floor.
● Creating a lap pool out of a small pool with a counter-current swim.
● The addition of a balneotherapy area or raised spa spilling over into the pool create an eye-catching visual effect or add a relaxing element.

Building an infinity pool is now affordable

Morana's advice 👇

Make a list of your skills and needs

The option of having your swimming pool constructed by the same company that constructs your house is becoming increasingly popular. Professionals who are capable of drawing plans are required to assist in the process.

Turning a regular pool into an infinity pool

It may be more cost-effective to renovate and modernize the old pool rather than building a new one.


Which features should be on an infinity pool plan or a zero-edge pool plan?

There are several types of pool plans, depending on what they are used for.

For a declaration of work and a free estimate, you need a sketch showing the dimensions of the pool, where the plant room is located, and what facilities are near it.

For those who do not want to hire a pool builder, additional information is required: for instance, how large the overflow channel is, how large the surge tank is, where jets, inlets, and drains are positioned, how the vanishing edges profile for a deck-level pool is, etc.

How To Make A Plan For An Infinity Pool?

To make a swimming pool with its surroundings, one plan is not enough; you often need several. A 3-D pool design is very aesthetic, but it is of no use for building a swimming pool, whether it’s rectangular or free form.

The general plan, the section and the details

A general plan is a two-dimensional drawing showing both the interior fittings of the pool and its surrounding features, such as the beach, pool house, technical room, terraces, etc. Each detail must be clearly indicated on the blueprint, since it is used to mark the custom pool.

The section shows the pool profile, including the bottom slab shape, the water level, stairs, and an optional submerged deck.

These drawings are suitable for the construction of any type of pool, e.g., negative edge or deck level.

It is often necessary to detail certain design elements in vanishing edge pools, such as a jacuzzi bench, overflow profile, and so on.

Détail technique construction piscine à débordement
Technical details of overflow pool construction by Morana Water Design

Note: The reinforcement and foundations of the pool are calculated by a concrete engineer, after a soil study. Depending on the formwork selected, this ensures durability and solidity of the pool.

The hydraulic layout plan

The following must be found there:

  • The position of the inlets and bottom drain in the pool.
  • The piping system between the pool and plant room. A well-sized circuit ensures efficient recirculation of water, and eases the maintenance of the overspill pool, whether it is a negative or zero edge pool.
  • The layout of the plant room, i.e., installation of the pool filtration system (pump and filter), pipes, valves, bypass for later installation of a heat pump or salt chlorinator.

Implementation instructions

A plan alone is not always sufficient. The use of instructions for implementation is beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Avoiding breaking a pipe when pouring the bottom slab and thus preventing leaks
  • In the case of masonry pools or reinforced concrete pools, what lining should you choose? Mosaic, reinforced PVC membrane, liner, waterproofing coating?
  • Ensure that the flow rate of the filtration pump and the size of the filter are appropriate.

What's so hard about making drawings for an infinity pool?

Several drawing tools are available online or for download. In addition to being easy to use, they are ideal for the construction of rectangular pools with relatively simple hydraulic circuits. However, they cannot be used for free-form pools indoors or outdoors.

Infinity or deck level pools are in essence custom-built pools, which require the ability to utilize a drawing software program and have experience in construction of no-edge indoor or outdoor pools.

Note: Many simulators are simply a way for online material sites to sell all the materials, such as polystyrene blocks that replace concrete blocks.


Professionals in infinity edge and zero-edge pool can guide you in the design and construction of the pool of your dreams. The plans and advice they provide make the realization of any project, including pool renovations, possible, regardless of whether the pool is rectangular semi-buried with a negative edge weir or free form reinforced concrete pool.