There is no doubt that the deck-level pool, also known as zero-edge pool, is a pool like no other. It appears as if the water level aligns perfectly with the pool’s surrounding deck. The result is a mirror effect on the pool water’s surface, allowing reflections of the surrounding environment. All of this is a story of slopes and counter-slopes.

This article aims to provide you with a thorough understanding of every aspect of this outstanding pool.

How does a deck-level pool work.

It is worthwhile to remember that the deck-level pool with mirror effect is primarily an overflow pool. Therefore, there are no skimmers in it, not even those that are referred to as mirror skimmers.

The pool water level is flush with the pool deck level. Located around the edge of the pool, slots, or grids are used to drain the water. In public swimming pools, grids are used for economic reasons. Private pools should have discrete slots around the perimeter.

Afterward, the water is collected in a channel located below and gravitates to the balance tank, which is necessary for the operation of any overflow pool. The water is then sucked up by the pump, passes through the filter, heating, and disinfection procedures, before returning to the pool.

The water must return to the pool from the bottom for aesthetic and technical reasons.

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Before you decide what kind of overflow you want, ask an expert

In response to a client’s request for zero-edge pool plans, we have occasionally suggested another type of overflow that is more suitable for the land profile or the environment. The positioning of the house and the configuration of the space may make it advantageous to locate the body of water a few centimeters above the terrace; as if it were floating.

Overflow profiles need to be perfect

There is no doubt that the beauty of a mirror pool lies in the perfect execution of its overflow. Water should overflow equally on all four sides. There must be no noise created by water flow in the gutter, and the water surface must not bubble like a geyser.

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Deck-level pool effects: what can you expect?


There is something elegant and uncluttered about a zero-edge pool. Fitting perfectly into its environment, it reflects the natural elements around it. The pool water surface is at the same level as that of the pool deck, giving the impression that it is an extension of it. Swimming pools such as this one are known for their natural appearance that harmonizes with the surrounding landscape.

In a swimming pool with a mirror effect, it is important to ensure good mixing of the water without creating swirls on the surface.

Technically outstanding

In terms of technical performance, the design of a mirror pool plays an important role.

By positioning the inlets at the bottom of the pool, the water, and the chemicals are mixed more efficiently. By using special nozzles, it is also possible to clean the bottom of the pool, thereby reducing the need for a pool cleaning system.

Furthermore, the four-sided overflow ensures exceptional skimming of surface water. As dirt floats on the surface, it is quickly evacuated into the channel. This is similar to having skimmers all around the pool, but much more effective.

What's the best shape for the dfeck-level pool?

Most internet photographs depict rectangular zero-edge pools. As a matter of fact, most swimming pool professionals, mainly in France, impose this standard.

The main reason for this is the complexity of making a free-form deck-level pool. However, it can be designed and built in any shape, whether geometric or free-form.

What's the best place to install a zero-edge pool?

It is possible to install a mirror-effect swimming pool on a flat plot of land with an open space or, on the other hand, in a walled garden for a more intimate and more Zen feel. It is also an option to consider when building an indoor swimming pool.

In some cases, it is difficult to determine which type of overflow will be most suitable for your land. Specialists can assist you in making this decision. It is often necessary to develop a preliminary project that considers your environment and the property characteristics to maximize its potential.

What's the best way to secure a deck-level pool

It is a legal requirement in France to secure a swimming pool with one of the four AFNOR-approved pool security systems. Other countries are subject to local legislation.

Securing a swimming pool depends on several factors, including your budget, the desired outcome, and the location of the pool. In the case of an indoor swimming pool, this problem is solved by installing a door that prevents access from the outside.

For an outdoor pool, all systems may be used; however, it is imperative to prioritize those that preserve the aesthetics of the pool: a movable floor, an automatic cover, a transparent safety barrier, preferably without posts, and a peripheral alarm.

Who can build your zero-edge pool?

The construction of a deck level with mirror effect does not require special skills. Nevertheless, it is essential to understand how it works and to be rigorous at all levels.

There are some pool builders who specialize in this area and consider them luxury pools.

Additionally, there are infinity pool shells. The process of installation is quite delicate and is generally handled by professionals.

A third option is to work with traditional construction stakeholders (general contractor, mason, plumber, etc.) and to be assisted by a professional when designing the plans.

DECK LEVEL pools — how much are they?

As with any overflow pool, you should expect to pay an additional 20% over a skimmer pool of approximately the same size; this increase may be much higher depending on the pool builder’s reputation.

You can reduce the price of the zero-edge pool by working with general construction companies and having a pool professional accompany you throughout the process. The professional must be able to prepare plans for you and, if necessary, monitor the site during construction.


The deck-level pool with mirror effect has been very trendy for several years now, and it certainly has many aesthetic and technical advantages. It brings an enchanting atmosphere to a location, provided it’s adapted to the site. As with other fashions, the first thing to consider is whether it’s right for you, your budget and your property.

Our experts are here to help you choose and build your infinity pool in the best conditions.