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Creating a swimming pool involves more than simply digging it up and filling it with water. It is a project that requires considerable thought to harmonise the swimming pool design with the existing landscape, in this case the garden. The goal is to make the pool seem like it’s always been there, in a harmonious, aesthetically pleasing and functional space.

Our goal in this post is to give you landscaping pool ideas that fit your garden type.

What's the point of garden design for your pool?

It is important to take the time to plan the design and integration of your pool into your landscape for the most positive outcome. Without proper planning, you risk not only compromising the beauty of your garden, but also suffering from potential functional issues.

A successful pool installation depends on planning carefully and considering the size and placement of the pool in relation to the size and orientation of the garden. For instance, choosing a pool that’s a few feet smaller than the maximum size allowed by the garden space can help create a more balanced look that won’t encroach on usable space.

Furthermore, poor integration can affect rainwater run-off into the garden, potentially causing drainage problems.

It is therefore crucial to consider carefully how the pool fits into the overall garden design.

Landscape considerations for pool design?

The initial appearance of your garden is a key factor in your pool design.

Flat gardens make pool installation easier. On the other hand, a sloping garden provides you with an opportunity to create an infinity pool design. This can be a beautiful addition to your outdoor space.

Although trees may provide a pleasant aesthetic, they can also increase maintenance costs due to debris that may enter the pool. Before construction, you should consider this factor to design a low-maintenance pool landscape.

Would you like a design that seamlessly blends your pool and garden?


    There's a pool design for every garden

    A pool design tailored to suit each garden’s individual needs can create a stunning outdoor oasis.

    Garden with trees

    A garden with trees presents a natural landscape that can be enhanced with the addition of a well-designed swimming pool. When planning the pool location, take tree roots into account.

    A small garden

    A small garden can pose a challenge in terms of space, but it also provides the opportunity to create an intimate and welcoming outdoor space. It is possible to maximize space by using design tricks such as geometric shapes and a zero-edge pool.

    Large garden

    It is possible to design a swimming pool in a large garden in a variety of ways. Carefully considering the relationship between the house, garden, and pool will ensure a design that is aesthetically pleasing and well-balanced.

    Sloping garden

    Build a swimming pool on sloping gardens can be tough. But, from a landscape design perspective, sloping gardens offer the chance to design a statement-making infinity pool, which is so trendy these days. With thoughtful planning, these spaces can offer breathtaking views that make your backyard an oasis.

    Flat garden

    A flat land plot provides a blank canvas. Swimming pool landscape ideas are endless, from the classic style to the modern pool with water features. With so many choices, it’s up to you to choose the pool design that perfectly suits your outdoor space and complements your landscape vision.

    Gardens with a specific shape

    The integration of a swimming pool into a garden with a specific shape requires creative thinking. The goal is to design a pool that makes the most of the unique shape of the garden.The design of the pool and the landscape of the property should be carefully considered in order to achieve this goal.

    Matching the pool and garden design

    A pool’s location isn’t the only factor to consider; its design must also complement the one of your garden. The challenge is to design an exclusive pool scape. This means that the style, shape, and materials of the pool should be in keeping with the overall style of your garden. Moreover, you should consider how the pool will look at different times of the day and how it will interact with the existing landscape.

    A modern pool may seem out of place in a rustic garden, whereas a pool with a natural shape will fit perfectly in a woodland setting.

    How to create the perfect poolscape

    Creating the perfect poolscape involves more than just creating a beautiful pool. It also involves creating the perfect atmosphere around the pool with furniture, plants, and lighting. This will create a peaceful and inviting atmosphere for family and friends.

    The vegetation you plant around your pool can greatly affect its integration into the garden. Planting the right vegetation can help create a seamless transition between the pool and the rest of your garden. Finally, the perfect poolscape should be a place of relaxation and beauty that complements the natural landscape.

    Catherine's advice

    ≠ 1 : Consider how you'll use the pool

    Depending on how the pool will be used, it should be designed with the appropriate shape and size. For instance, a rectangular pool for lap swimming will be very different to a free form pool for recreational use, both in terms of shape and size. The design of the pool can include a spa for relaxing purposes

    Conseil 2 :Design a pool with the natural landscape as a backdrop

    Consider the surrounding environment and how it can be incorporated into the design. Utilize elements such as trees, shrubs, rocks, and waterfalls to create a harmonious and beautiful environment. Make sure to consider the pool’s location in relation to the sun to maximize the enjoyment of the pool.

    ≠ 3 : Consider potential pool extensions

    When planning for the pool, consider the potential for future extensions such as a pool house, deck, summer kitchen, spa, etc. You can build them later, but the design should be incorporated into the overall project.

    ≠ 4 : Carefully consider the pool's finish materials

    Make sure the colors and materials you choose are harmonizing with the surrounding environment. The use of sustainable materials is an essential component of creating a beautiful and sustainable poolscape. Boulders and rockery should be selected with care if you want to enhance the natural aesthetics of a pool.

    ≠ 5 : Lights are important

    Pool lights provide visibility during the night for safety reasons, and they can also set the mood for an evening gathering. They can also be used to accentuate the design of the pool, creating an attractive ambiance.



    Integrating your pool into the design of your garden is a crucial step that requires careful thought and planning. To achieve the best result, it is essential to make sure that every element of the pool and garden fits together seamlessly.

    Considering the characteristics of your garden and working with an experienced pool designer will ensure that your new pool complements your outdoor space and enhances your quality of life. .

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