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Adding a water feature to a pool design is like adding spices to a dish – it brings out the flavor and adds something extra to the experience. A water feature does more than simply add flavor to a pool; it also enhances the overall appearance and ambience of the garden. Furthermore, the sound and sight of flowing water can help to create a serene atmosphere.

As part of this post, we will discuss ideas for incorporating a water feature into your DIY pool, creating even more fun in your outdoor area.

What's the point of adding fountains, waterfalls, and jets to your pool?

This first part of the article explains why adding fountains, waterfalls, and water jets can add value to your swimming pool. Providing the appropriate ideas, each water feature has a lot to offer a swimming pool, from aesthetic enhancement to the creation of a relaxing ambience.

Aesthetics and originality

In any space, moving water always lends a sense of elegance. There is no doubt that a pool with fountains, waterfalls, and water jets will add undeniable charm to the surroundings.

This type of feature can enhance the design of your pool, regardless of its size or style. With the right water features and design, any pool can be transformed into a jewel of the garden.

Relaxation and well-being

Besides being visually pleasing, moving water creates a calming atmosphere. As a result of the gentle, rhythmic sound of flowing water, stress can be relieved and a sense of tranquility is promoted. Moreover, the calming effects of water can create a tranquil atmosphere that helps to improve overall wellbeing. This is why the presence of moving water is often found within spas, yoga studios, and other wellness centers.


Fountains, waterfalls, and water jets for pools

There are many design ideas for incorporating a unique water feature into a pool, from cascading waterfalls to invigorating water jets. For instance, a waterfall can provide a beautiful, calming atmosphere, while a fountain can add a more dramatic touch. Water features are a great way to spice up a swimming pool and create a unique atmosphere. Get ready to explore the fascinating world of water features.

Pool fountain

A pool fountain is an eye-catching feature that will add a touch of sophistication to any pool design.

Various styles are available, from simple floating fountains that spray water in a pleasant rainbow pattern to intricate wall fountains that create attractive water patterns.

For instance, “Drizzle” fountains produce a gentle, continuous spray of water, while “Splash” fountains create a more dramatic show of water droplets. Overall, the type of fountain you choose will largely depend on the atmosphere you want to create.

Pool wwaterfall

Adding a waterfall to your pool design is a great way to transform your space into a peaceful and calming oasis.

The appearance of waterfalls can be natural, making use of rocks and plants to mimic natural cascades, or more modern and structured, incorporating surfaces that are smooth and reflective.

A “grotto” waterfall can create a magical experience, while a “slide” waterfall can be an exciting attraction for children. No matter what kind of waterfall you choose, it is sure to be a beautiful addition to any outdoor space.

Water jets

You can enhance your pool’s dynamic and playful aspects with water jets. Installed into the bottom of the pool, they create a “geyser” effect, or they may be integrated into the pool wall to create arcs of water.

Several types of water jets can be programmed with specific movements, such as “Jet Stream”. This generates a powerful water current that can be used for swimming practice. A further option is the “Fountain Jet” which produces gentle bubbles. The fountain jet is ideal for areas where people wish to relax.

Getting your dreamed pool is easy!


    Ideas and clarification on the pool water feature integration process

    Having explored the reasons for adding fountains, waterfalls, and water jets to your pool design as well as the different types available, it is time to investigate how they can be incorporated into the pool plan. In this section, we will guide you through the planning, implementation, and maintenance steps to turn your vision into reality.


    Planning is the first step in integrating fountains, waterfalls, and water jets into your pool.

    The purpose of this phase is to ensure that your water feature ideas blend harmoniously with your pool design. Taking the time to think through your plans beforehand will ensure that the end result will be both beautiful and functional.


    Once you have a clear plan, it’s time to install. With our clear plans and detailed instructions, the installation process should be a breeze.

    Most fountain, waterfall, and water jet piping networks must be installed during pool construction. These additional plumbing systems must be installed to ensure the proper water flow into the pool. In addition, they must provide a safe and secure environment for swimmers.


    The maintenance of a water feature is just as important as that of a swimming pool.

    The proper maintenance of these elements will ensure their longevity and smooth operation. Water chemistry needs to be balanced, as well as regular filter cleaning and checking of pipe integrity. Therefore, regular upkeep of these elements is key to their long-term viability.

    Catherine's advice

    ≠ 1 : Pool water feature location is everything

    The location of fountains, waterfalls, and water jets is crucial to their effectiveness and visual appeal. Think about the pool’s orientation, sun, wind direction and visibility from the house or garden. These considerations will help ensure that the fountain is eye-catching and enhances its intended function.

    ≠ 2 : Consider the size of the pool

    It is essential to balance the size of the water feature with your pool size. This will ensure that the result is attractive and harmonious. Having a powerful jet or a waterfall may overwhelm a small pool, while a delicate fountain may be lost in a large pool. Thus, planning the water feature and pool combination carefully is crucial to achieve a successful, aesthetically pleasing result.

    ≠ 3 : Seamless integration with the existing pool design

    It is imperative that fountains, waterfalls, and water jets blend harmoniously with the overall design of the pool and garden. For example, a fountain integrated into the side of the pool should match the style of the pool’s tiles and coping stones. When designed correctly, water features become an integral part of the pool and garden, contributing to the overall aesthetics of the space. An improperly selected fountain, waterfall, and water jet could detract from the overall beauty of the space, making it appear cluttered and chaotic.

    ≠ 4 : Keep operating costs in mind

    Due to the increased use of water and energy, a water feature can significantly increase swimming pool running costs.In addition, consider the long-term costs involved with maintaining and repairing a water feature, which often requires specialized care.Before committing to a purchase, make sure you understand the costs involved.

    ≠ 5 : Maintenance and cleaning

    Fountains, waterfalls, and water jets require regular maintenance to maintain their effectiveness. Cleaning, pump maintenance, and maintaining good water quality are all part of this process. Taking these steps will ensure that the water features remain looking and working their best.



    Adding fountains, waterfalls, and water jets to your pool can transform a simple pool into a oasis of relaxation. Not only do these elements add a touch of luxury to your aquatic space, they also promote relaxation and well-being.

    By following our detailed plans, you can create an exclusive, personalized pool that reflects your personality and complements your landscape.

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