Have you ever dreamed of having a swimming pool with a spa to create your own private piece of paradise in your garden? Making a pool and spa your own private oasis is becoming increasingly popular, with the aim of using it to improve physical and mental health, enhance relaxation, and bring joy to your living space.

It is wise, however, to carefully plan and consider numerous important considerations when adding a spa to your pool design. 

Why You Should Include A Spa In Your Pool Design

You’re probably wondering why to design your pool with a spa. In this section, we’ll look at the outstanding benefits of having a hot tub in your home. Not only will a spa provide relaxing moments after a long day, but it also adds a great deal of value to your property.

Adding value to your property

Many benefits can be gained from including a spa in your swimming pool design.

Not only does it create an attractive space for wellbeing and relaxation, but a pool with spa can also significantly increase the value of your property.

An outdoor space can be enhanced with a pool and spa combination, which is typically considered a luxury feature.


Benefits for health

What’s more, the hydrotherapy benefits offered by a spa are numerous.

The benefits include the reduction of stress, the improvement of blood circulation, the relief of muscle pain, and the improvement of sleep.

Therefore, a pool with spa project design offers not only a soothing haven for relaxation, but also therapeutic advantages.


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A good filtration system is essential.

Without proper filtration, swimming pool and spa water can quickly become contaminated and unhealthy. Consider that the warm water encourages the growth of microorganisms, such as algae, bacteria, and fungi.

 Call in a professional

A pool plan designer can explain the various ways in which a pool and spa can be combined. Creating a custom design that uniquely blends the two will result in a one-of-a-kind spa and pool experience. For example, a pool plan designer can help you decide if it’s best to have your pool and spa built in together, as a single unit, or to keep them separate yet integrated.

We can help you design your pool spa combo.

Diferents Types of spas

When it comes to selecting the right spa for your pool, the choice can be confusing. To assist you in making the best choice for your needs and preferences, we will break down the different options available. It is important to compare the features of each hot tub option so that you can make the best decision.

When you consider including a spa in your pool design, you have many options at your disposal.

Built-in jacuzzis, for example, are directly connected to the pool. Spillover spas are an interesting way of integrating a spa into the design of a pool, offering a unique and visually appealing design element.

This pool spa combo offers a harmonious visual appearance and provides an easy transition between swimming and relaxation. With an overflowing spa, you can create a beautiful and soothing visual effect, as well as a calming sound.

The addition of a separate Jacuzzi adjacent to the pool is another popular option.

This offers more flexibility in pool and spa design. It allows you to enjoy the benefits of warm water without having to heat the entire pool, saving energy and money.

Moreover, it creates a calming environment separate from the pool area hustle and bustle.

Finally, stand-alone spas can be placed away from the pool, offering added privacy.

Smaller than a pool, they can be installed near the house. Due to their location, they can be used throughout the year.

Additionally, their convenience and portability makes them the perfect choice for the homeowner who does not want to invest in a fixed pool installation.

Incorporating a spa into your pool: what you need to know

It is not an easy task to incorporate a spa into your pool design. It is important to consider many factors when planning your project. The following section provides a brief overview of the main points to consider when adding a jacuzzi to your swimming pool.

Technical issues

The addition of a spa in a pool design requires careful consideration of technical aspects.

The first consideration is the plumbing, which must be able to handle the additional volume of water. Furthermore, it is essential to ensure the filtration system is well-sized to maintain clean and clear water. The heating system must also be powerful enough to maintain a comfortable temperature in the Jacuzzi.

The budget

In addition, it is essential to consider your budget and costs to make sure that your spa project is financially feasible.

This includes not only the initial cost of installing the jacuzzi, but also the ongoing costs of heating, maintenance and repairs.

Available space and position of the jacuzzi

It is also worthwhile to consider spa spacing and placement. Considering this, you should aim to plan the pool and spa area so that the two are balanced and complementary.

It needs to be easily accessible, ideally located close to the house for quick access during the colder months. It also needs to blend harmoniously into the surrounding landscape.


How A Pool Designer Can Help You to create the perfect plan

The complexity of including a spa in your pool design might make you want to call a professional. With their experience and knowledge, pool plan designers can be the key to a successful pool and spa design that meets all your requirements and stays within your budget. He or she will help you realize your dream, avoiding costly mistakes and saving you time.


When you add a jacuzzi to your pool design, you can enjoy ultimate relaxation, not to mention that your property’s value will increase as well.

Working with a pool plan designer will ensure that you have a spa that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional at the same time.

Morana Water Design has the expertise and resources to assist you in creating the pool and spa of your dreams. For more information, please contact us.

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