Overflow pools, and especially infinity edge pools, are becoming increasingly popular due to their attractive aesthetics and luxury. However, as with any design choice, there are pros and cons to consider.

In this post, we will help you to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of opting for an infinity edge pool. 

How Does An Infinity Edge Pool Work?

The term infinity pool refers to a type of swimming pool specially designed to create an optical illusion in which the water appears to extend to the horizon without any visible boundaries. The illusion of a never-ending pool is created by a special design where water spills out from one or more sides into a gutter hidden from view. The water is then recirculated back into the pool. The overflow effect is used to create a more subtle look, while the waterfall effect adds texture and movement to the design. Both effects can be used to enhance the look of any space.

Not only can infinity edge pools be customized to the individual’s preferences, but they can also be adjusted to fit the unique characteristics of the site. Some may have a single negative edge, while others have multiple sides. The variety of infinity edge pool designs is like a box of chocolates: you never know what you’re going to get, but it’s certain to be delicious!

DIY infinity edge pool designed by MoranaWaterDesign

Often, these pools are built in locations with panoramic views of the ocean, the forest, the mountains, or the cityscape. By doing so, these pools become an integral part of their surroundings, heightening the natural beauty of the landscape. An infinity edge pool can, however, be an attractive addition to any outdoor space with proper planning and design.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Infinity Edge Pools


  • Stunning aesthetics : the main advantage of the infinity edge pool is its beauty. The illusion of water extending beyond the pool edge, making it look like it flows into the horizon, creates a breathtaking, eye-catching design. This type of pool is perfect for creating a luxurious, dreamy atmosphere that is sure to impress guests.
  • Water quality improved: the continuous flow of water prevents the accumulation of dirt and other debris, which helps maintain a higher water quality. Moreover, the principle of overflow also helps to distribute the treatment products evenly, ensuring that the water is treated more effectively and efficiently.

  • Cooling effect : in warmer climates, the mist produced by the cascade can provide a pleasant atmosphere to relax in, making it the perfect spot for cooling off during the hot summer months.


  • High cost: pools with infinity edges have high costs, which is their most notable drawback. The initial construction is more expensive than a traditional pool. However, despite the initial price tag, the long-term benefits of an infinity edge pool can be well worth the investment.

  • Construction complexity: negative edge pools require precise plans and construction to ensure proper water spill out as well as efficient filtration. This can make the construction process more complex and time-consuming; it is similar to building a ship in a bottle – it requires a lot of planning and precision to ensure that everything fits correctly.
  • Adapted only to specific plots: to make the most of an infinity edge pool, sloped land is essential to ensure a seamless and aesthetically appealing design. Without the right slope, achieving a beautiful infinity edge pool may be impossible, but don’t worry – a deck level pool can provide a stunning and cost-effective alternative.

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Professional support is key

The complexity of designing and installing an infinity edge pool requires experienced professionals. In addition to making sure your vision is realized, this will also ensure that the pool meets the local standards for safety, durability, and compliance.

Getting a handle on your budget and needs

Consider carefully whether a negative edge overflow pool is suitable for your lifestyle and budget before installing it.

Let us help you design your infinity edge pool.

The Aesthetic Appeal Of Negative Edge Pools

One of the main advantages of waterfall infinity pools is their unparalleled aesthetic appeal. Negative edge pools feature a sheer drop-off on one side, creating an illusion of water extending beyond the pool’s boundaries. This creates a beautiful, natural-looking water feature that is sure to add a unique touch to any outdoor space.

It also provides a stunning visual effect that creates the illusion of a body of water cascading into the horizon. The combination of the crystal clear water and the infinity edge makes it an ideal addition to any backyard oasis. Furthermore, the sound of the water is soothing and peaceful. It can also be a great way to relax and unwind after a long day.

Options For Infinity Edge Pools

Customization is another advantage of waterfall infinity pools. Depending on your preferences and your property layout, you can choose where and how the infinity edge will be located. In addition, you can decide on the shape and depth of the pool.

You can also opt for additional features, such as underwater lighting to enhance the waterfall effect at night, or a heating system to extend the swimming season.

To round out your customized pool, you could also consider adding features such as an automated cleaning system or a jacuzzi that overflows into the pool – providing an extra touch of luxury and relaxation. This allows you to create a pool that perfectly suits your needs and aesthetic tastes.


An infinity edge pool can be tough to build and maintain

Despite the extra effort it takes to build and maintain, a negative edge pool yields a luxurious and stunning result that can be enjoyed for years to come. With their special design, these pools must be designed and constructed by skilled professionals who understand their construction needs. Additionally, they sometimes require more extensive ongoing maintenance than traditional pools.

However, modern technology has made the installation and maintenance of infinity pools more accessible, allowing more people to enjoy this beautiful amenity.

To ensure the peak performance of the overflow system, regular cleaning and maintenance is essential, similar to what is required of traditional pools. Moreover, water usage may be higher due to the constant need to refill the pool to maintain the overflow effect. As such, effective water level management and proper upkeep of the overflow system is vital to minimize water waste and ensure its optimal functioning.


Here are some things to consider when building an infinity edge pool

An infinity edge pool may be stunning. If you are considering building one, there are a few things to remember:

  • Budget : as mentioned earlier, vanishing edge pools cost more than a traditional pool. You should also consider the cost of long-term maintenance, which can sometimes be cheaper than a traditional pool.
  • Contractor: building an infinity edge pool requires specific expertise. Working with an experienced contractor or designer to build an infinity edge pool is the most effective way to ensure the result meets your expectations.

The Value Of Detailed Plans When Building A negative edge Pool

Creating well-thought-out plans is essential to ensuring a successful infinity pool build. Indeed, this pool design is complex and requires great precision in its elaboration. By investing time in the initial planning stages, you can set yourself up for a successful infinity pool build, and ensure that all aspects of the design are precise and exact. Furthermore, it can help you to avoid costly mistakes and delays. Therefore, it is essential to plan the build thoroughly.

👉 Planning is key to success; it guarantees that each aspect of the build is considered, from the shape and size of the pool to the overflow system design, allowing for a smooth and cost-effective pool construction process. Moreover, incorporating elements such as the surrounding landscape or the pool pump room location into the plan can help ensure that the finished product is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

👉 It is important to consider local and national regulations for the construction of negative edge pools, which may include restrictions on the size, depth, or location of the pool.

👉 Finally, an accurate budget is essential for project success, and a detailed plan will ensure this requirement is met. Vanishing edge pools can be pricier to build and maintain than traditional pools, so it’s essential to understand all the costs involved before beginning construction.

Simply, detailed plans are essential not only for the successful construction of your infinity edge pool, but also for its long-term operation and maintenance. Additionally, having them can help you anticipate problems, allowing you to deal with them quickly and efficiently.

Infinity edge pools: are they right for you?

Ultimately, whether you build a vanishing edge pool depends on many factors. These factors include your personal preferences, your budget, and your property configuration. If you’re looking for an eye-catching pool that offers an impressive view, an infinity edge pool might be the right choice. If you think these features are worth the extra money, then yes, the negative edge pool is the right choice for you! Nevertheless, when making your decision, it is important to consider operating and maintenance expenses, as well as the complexity of the project.


The result of an infinity edge pool is undeniable – a stunning masterpiece that promises to be a show-stopping feature of any property. However, they are also associated with higher construction and maintenance expenses, as well as higher construction complexity.

Investing in an infinity pool is a worthwhile investment, as the beauty and luxury it brings is incomparable – but it is wise to consider the cost, upkeep, and the size of the area available before making such a commitment.

Offering 30 years of expertise in the field of infinity pools, Morana Water Design provides you with the necessary guidance and expertise to ensure that your pool project is both visually stunning and designed to suit your outdoor space.

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