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Sun, fresh water and relaxation… Who has never dreamed of having a swimming pool in their garden to enjoy during the summer months? Does this image sound like it’s time to take action and install a swimming pool in front of your house? However, you must consider several factors to integrate a swimming pool into your garden and obtain a harmonious result. To help you see things more clearly, Creations Conseils Morana reveals the different steps to follow before installing a swimming pool at home.

Good to know: Integrating a swimming pool in your garden is considered to have two essential aspects.

  • The practical aspect enables you to consider all the characteristics of the environment in which the pool will be installed and choose the ideal place to install the pool.
  • The aesthetic aspect allows the pool to be installed harmoniously so that the swimming area becomes a real beauty showcase that will enhance your home.


Installing a pool at home: the practical aspect

Installing a swimming pool on your property is a project that requires a significant personal investment. If you want a result that meets your tastes and expectations, take your time. Don’t rush the process and above all, think about calling in a professional. A landscape and pool specialist will coordinate your construction project and advise you on all the practical aspects of installing your pool.


Consider the nature of the ground.

Before building a swimming pool in your garden, it is essential to consider the nature of the ground. The soil composition is crucial in determining whether a swimming pool can be built and how much the work will cost. The soil must be solid and robust enough to accommodate the foundations of your pool, whether it is a skimmer or overflow pool.

The ideal ground for laying the foundations of your pool is limestone. It allows a pool to be built quickly without any particular work. Sandy or clay soils, on the other hand, are unstable and require additional work; as an example, reinforcing the foundations allows a solid pool installation.

Paying attention to the plot of land

If you want successfully integrate your pool, you must also consider the land’s topography on which we want to build the pool. If you plan to create your swimming area on a sloping site, you can expect significant earthworks. A designer’s job is to take advantage of the terrain’s irregularities, such as using different land levels.

Finding the right place to install the pool 

The installation of a swimming pool requires a lot of space. It is therefore essential to find the ideal location in your garden for the swimming pool. The area must meet both practical and aesthetic requirements. After studying the ground, you should choose the site for the solid construction of the pool. This location should also offer sufficient comfort to its users: a swimming area, a space around the pool offering peace, a shady and discreet place out of sight that will enhance your home and provide a nice view of the water.


Integrating a swimming pool into your garden: aesthetic criteria

Integrating a swimming pool in a garden and the resulting aesthetic effect depends on its harmonisation with the environment. It must fit naturally into the space around your house. The building of a swimming pool should create a nice corner and a relaxation and leisure area around which the whole family can spend wonderful moments.


Play with the vegetation to integrate the pool into the landscape

To create an idyllic atmosphere and include the pool harmoniously in the space around your house or villa, play with the vegetation. Trees, shrubs and other plantings around the pool will create an overall aesthetic and pleasant setting. Give preference to local plants adapted to the climate of your region. It would be best if you also were careful not to install your pool too close to a large tree, whose roots can damage it over time. Also, keep the swimming area away from plants such as conifers or fruit trees, which can quickly foul the water and make it challenging to maintain your pool. Do you want to make your pool a paradise that fits perfectly into the landscape? Call on the services of a pool architect. He or she will help you design the space around the pool and integrate it into your garden harmoniously and aesthetically.

Matching the design of the pool to your home 

Another essential element when building a swimming pool is that it should be in keeping with its surroundings and the house to which it is attached. The style of your pool should echo the architecture and design of your home. A stone pool will better serve traditional or country-style houses. If you have a beautiful modern villa, a sleek overflow pool is an ideal choice. It is mainly the pool’s shape and the materials used (the decking around the pool and the pool finish coating) that will allow you to create a space that fits naturally into its landscape and matches your house.

Thus, the choice of materials for the construction of your pool is essential. They must be both practical and aesthetic but also strong enough to offer sufficient safety. But how can you match your pool to your house with different materials? For the pool decking, you can use wood for a natural and sober look. You can also opt for stone carpeting for its durability and ease of maintenance or concrete for a classic effect.

Play with contrast and colours.

The pool finish coating is also an essential aesthetic element when integrating a swimming pool into your garden. Black and grey mosaics are very trendy at the moment. They break the traditional codes of the turquoise blue pool. To make your swimming pool stand out, play with contrasts and colours. Choose a coating that will give an original colour to the water and contrast sharply with the outside. For example, a white layer will provide turquoise water. With a yellow or green mosaic, the water will be emerald green. Outside, install a sand-coloured stone carpet beach to give your pool the appearance of a heavenly lagoon.


As you will have understood, to successfully install your pool and create a social living space in harmony with your outdoor environment, you will have to consider many criteria and steps to be respected. Creations Conseils Morana will accompany you from conception to the realisation of your dream project.