Infinity pool construction in Mauritania

Over the last 25 years, we have built up an international reputation as a leader in the field of infinity pools and deck level pools. Whether it is a short-term project or a large project, we have carried out support assignments throughout the world. We always cater to the needs of our clients, whether they are private individuals, pool builders, or general contractors.
Our goal is to provide the highest quality service to all our clients, regardless of their budgets and sizes. You will benefit from our world-renowned knowledge and expertise when you choose us for infinity or deck level pool consulting.


We can help you wherever you live in the world !


Based on your drawings or our plans

Assistance in building your overflow pool

No matter who drew up the plans for your infinity pool or your zero edge pool, we will build it for you. During the construction process, we ensure that all stages are completed to the highest standards and that the pool is built according to the approved plan.

Responsibility for purchasing technical equipment and materials

When we manage building your overflow pool, we take care of all the necessary material and equipment purchases. These include materials, pipes, filtration, and water treatment equipment. All of the materials we use for your pool are sourced from high-quality, reliable suppliers so that it performs at its best.

Training workers on techniques and supplies

For the construction of your vanishing edge pool, we train local workers on site in appropriate techniques and supplies. A variety of topics are covered, including safe construction practices, safety standards, and maintenance procedures.


Design and build vanishing edge pools

Overflow Pool Design – Different types of overflow

In our overflow pool design training, we explain the different types of overflow. Participants will also learn about the materials and techniques used to construct each type of overflow, along with their advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, they will become familiar with the latest trends and standards.

Theoretical techniques and practical advice

A high-quality infinity pool or zero-edge pool requires a solid understanding of theoretical techniques. Participants will learn about the most up-to-date construction practices, safety standards, building codes and engineering techniques applied to the construction of vanishing pools. This course provides pool builders with practical advice.

Acceptance of work—Commissioning—Maintenance

Our training covers acceptance of infinity pools and deck-level pools, as well as commissioning and maintenance. This course provides participants with the necessary procedures and protocols to make a pool ready for safe use. They also learn how to set up an effective maintenance system for long-term pool safety.


Starting a swimming pool department or reorganizing one

Training of a manager for swimming pool building

Training for swimming pool construction managers covers the skills needed to effectively manage a pool department. This is true whether it is the departure of the previous manager or the creation of a new office. Participants will become familiar with best practices in project management, personnel management, pool industry regulations, and the communication and negotiation skills needed to manage relationships with customers and suppliers.

Establishing or reorganizing a swimming pool department

Additionally, we offer builders training on setting up or reorganizing pool departments. Participants will gain insight into how to create an effective department, including defining objectives, putting up an organizational structure, defining roles and responsibilities, and measuring performance.

Tools for managing prospects, customers, and suppliers: Establishing relationships with them

A best practices guide for managing prospects, customers, and suppliers will also be provided. It also involves implementing effective processes for dealing with inquiries, quotations, orders, and complaints, as well as improving supplier relationships to ensure quality and availability. Participants will also learn about the software tools and customer relationship management systems available to help them improve their efficiency.

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