As construction costs and materials go up, a new trend is emerging: build your own pool. If an infinity pool is to be designed without sacrificing aesthetics or quality, what are the best practices? Hire a professional or do it yourself?

What Is An Infinity Or Zero Edge Pool Plan?

You will find many references to infinity pools on the internet when you search for “infinity pool plan”. It goes from displaying the basic shape of the swimming pool to a more detailed document with sections and details. This first one allows the pool builder to show his customers the final result, while the second one allows you to build the in-ground or semi-in-ground pool of your dreams while respecting your budget. It is possible to save 15% to 50% over a turnkey pool by building your own pool with the support of a professional.

A Pool Plan Can Be Used For What?

Generally, a basic pool plan lets you make a declaration of works, have the pool built by a professional, and plan the outdoor design.

With a plan drawn up by a building design office, construction can be entrusted to a contractor. However, the filtration system will have to be installed by a pool builder.

DIY reinforced concrete pools can also achieve the spectacular visual effect of infinity or zero edge pools, as well as their distinctive circulation systems. Furthermore, when designing, certain details, such as the slotted cover of a channel or the aesthetics of swimming pools on sloping ground, cannot be ignored.

Preliminary project and plan
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If your document is more detailed, you can consider building your own pool, including the earthwork, the piping, and the waterproofing.

What The Market Has To Offer

It goes without saying that these services are especially designed for the construction of reinforced concrete pools, whether shotcrete or poured concrete. A swimming pool in kit, a shell pool, or a wooden pool that is prefabricated in a factory do not fall under this definition.

The “Homemade” pool plans

There are plenty of tutorials and forums on the internet that give people ideas for designing their own pools, whether they’re swim lanes, mini pools or other inground pools. It is not uncommon for a family business or a private individual to make plans for traditional masonry pools without hiring a design office.

The pool configurators

There’s a ton of software available on the internet called pool configurators. With these programs, you can select basic round or rectangular shapes and view the construction project, including arrangements around the pool. The plan can be used for a preliminary declaration of works for a rectangular pool, but it won’t let you build a concrete pool. In many cases, it is necessary to hire a pool builder.

The architects

An architect can propose a design for a custom-made pool with or without overflow as part of a global building permit for a house/in-ground pool. In most cases, the pool plan provides a general plan, sections, and some details; this is good enough for a pool builder, but not for someone who wants to build it themselves.

The overflow pool designers

Professionals in the design of semi-inground or in-ground pools can provide you with different documents enabling you to construct a concrete pool.

  • A preliminary project to define the shape of the water body (rectangular or free form), the type of overflow (mirror effect or not), and to draw the entrance to the pool (beach, steps), coping, etc.
  • A general plan, sections, and some details, the peripheral channel of the zero-edge pool, for example.
  • A piping drawing for the placement of the jets, the bottom drain and the piping network.
  • A drawing of the installation of the filtration system in the plant room, including a heat pump, a water treatment, and even a counter-current pump.

Morana's advice 👇

A tailor made infinity swimming pool

Architects and pool builders can design and build this type of pool, but if you want more control and want to save money, you’re probably better off working with a pool designer and construction company.

Affordably build a pool

Despite infinity pools being technically complex, non-specialized companies can build your dream pool at a reasonable price.

Seek professional support for your pool project.

Benefits Of An Infinity Pool Plan

When considering the size of the land, it can be difficult to determine the right size of the pool. Additionally, it is difficult to visualize the space taken up by a beach entrance or a staircase. The plan gives the owner the opportunity to influence the design of his swimming area.

A hydraulic layout shows the path of the pipes connected to the inlets in the walls or at the bottom of the pool. If there is a leak or if later intervention is needed, this can always be useful

Plans of the pool plant room enable the equipment to be installed as it should. Additionally, this document should allow for a future upgrade of the pool installation, such as the addition of a salt electrolysis system or a pH regulator.

Get A Plan For Your Overflow Pool With MORANA WATER DESIGN

You deserve a bespoke accompaniment for the construction of your dream pool. MORANA WATER DESIGN’s didactic plans (building & filtration) and expert advice will help you build your dream negative or zero edge pool.

You’ll learn, for example, how to level the weir so that water flows uniformly. You’ll also learn how to calculate the amount of water in the catch basin (balance tank) based on factors like the surface of the pool. By following their plans and advice, you will be able to place the water line of your perimeter overflow at the same level as your wooden or tiled deck. In accordance with their hydraulic plans, the filtration group will include the necessary sensors, solenoid valves, and check valves.

Get a free estimate to find out how you can build your overflow pool according to the rules of the art while saving 15 to 50% over pool builders’ estimates.


Knowing what you wish to accomplish with your pool plans is essential.A rudimentary plan showing the dimensions of the pool and its location on the plot should suffice if you are considering hiring a pool builder.

You will need more precise plans if you plan to handle administrative formalities or even some of the work yourself.