In the old days, overflow pools were reserved for luxury hotels or sumptuous homeowners, but now more and more gardens are adding them. These in-ground pools offer a host of aesthetic advantages, but what about their technical benefits? Let’s talk about how zero edge pools work first.

It’s Called The Overflow Pool

Water is spilling through a weir, either partial or total. It is collected by a gutter around the pool, or underneath it. An in-ground pool balance tank is equipped with a sensor that measures water levels based on bathers, evaporation, and so on. This catch basin below the main pool feeds a filtration pump, which pumps the water back into the pool.

Overflows Can Take Many Forms

Many factors play into choosing overflow pools. These include the topography of the land, the availability of space, the distance between the pool and the house, the style of the house, and a view, etc.

The overflow under coping

Initially, overflow under the coping was widespread, but in modern times, the practice has been abandoned. However, in certain configurations, it can be cool to build a pool with overflow under the coping.

The infinity edge overflow

Among all overflow pools, this is a favorite. The negative edge weir creates the illusion that the water is vanishing. However, the waterfall effect can be replaced with a quieter flow. The visual effect of an infinity pool built on a slope or terraced plot is truly breathtaking; the water line appears to merge with the horizon line.

Infinity edge pool - conception by Morana Water Design

The zero edge overflow

Deck level pool by Morana Water Design

In the perimeter overflow pool, water is spilling over all sides of . Its edges blend into the surrounding deck due to the lack of coping; the water surface is at the same level as the deck. As water spills from the pool, it flows into a channel that is installed under a slot or grate. It then flows into a surge tank at the lower level.

This type of pool can be set up in the backyard or on a terrace nearby the house, creating a calming atmosphere. The reverse slopes reduce the possibility of too much water being lost.

Morana's advice 👇

Choosing the right overflow for your pool requires professional advice.

Selecting the right overflow is crucial to the success of the project. There are many preconceived ideas that we have, and it is beneficial to compare them with the advice of experts.

Make sure you hire the right people

The success of your project depends on the skill of the mason or plumber once you have plans and advice in hand.


Let’s talk about your infinity pool project

Is it beneficial To Mix Several Kinds Of Overflow?

You may wish to highlight the view while enjoying the Zen effect of a zero-edge pool. It is possible to create a negative edge weir on one side and a perimeter overflow on the other three sides; the result is beyond beautiful; it is stunning.

The design and operation of a mixed overflow pool is similar to the previous ones. You can, however, visualize things before you begin the construction plan by creating a custom-made preliminary project.

Note: In contrast to popular belief, it is not necessarily necessary to use a specific pump for overflowing.

Mixed overflow for this free-form pool designed by Morana Water Design.

How Does An Overflow Pool Benefit You?

We have specialized in overflow pools for more than 30 years and believe they have some disadvantages, but many advantages.

The disadvantages of an overflow pool

A pool with an infinity edge or a zero-edge pool will cost approximately 20% more than a pool with skimmers or a regular pool. The difference is due to the construction cost of the overflow gutter and the balance tank, as well as a slight oversizing of the filtration system.

The only way to construct a negative or zero edge pool without the assistance of a pool designer is to entrust your construction project to a pool builder with extensive experience in this area.

The benefits

The design of the filtration system and the hydraulic network prevents impurities from accumulating at the bottom of the pool. Dead leaves, insects, and other pollutants are removed by the overflow. Likewise, the inlets at the bottom of the pool allow better mixing of the chemicals and heated water. These features make pool maintenance easier.

The deck level pool gives the impression that it is sitting on a terrace. The walls dissolve to reveal the water of the pool.

Infinity pools create the illusion that water is disappearing from the landscape. The horizon will appear infinite.

Create Your Overflow Pool With Morana Water Design

Masons and plumbers who do not specialize in swimming pools can build an infinity pool or zero edge pool if they have plans and execution details. In addition to designing your dream overflow pool, Morana Water Design will also assist you by providing complete plans and arranging all necessary arrangements for you.

How Do You Design An Overflow Pool?

Due to the experience we have acquired over the past few decades, we can propose a preliminary design plan. We will consider the land’s profile, the surroundings, the architecture, the position of the house, and your personal goals. You can add some features like kids’ corners or spas to the construction of a building; you can also include a submerged roller shutter housing.

Drawing The Plans

In addition to the general plan, you will need section plans, execution details, and hydraulic layouts. When determining the volume of a balance tank, it is imperative to consider the dimensions of the pool, the type of overflow, and the length of the overflow. The frequency with which this modern pool will be used is also an influencing factor.

These plans are required:

  • To fill a preliminary work declaration or building permit if the site is in France.
  • To consult companies for the manufacture of swimming pools with overflow
  • To follow the project completion.n


Negative edge pools and zero edge pools both offer many advantages, not only in terms of aesthetics, but also in terms of technical aspects. The drawback of this pool is its price, which is around 20% higher than that of a pool with skimmers. Let yourself be tempted by the opportunity to build the pool of your dreams with craftsmen while saving up to 50%. International professionals and individuals work with us to build infinity pools and deck-level pools.