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We share our experience and know-how

Initial Analysis

At the start of any project, it is crucial to assess the existing situation. Through a detailed report, we highlight the current challenges while suggesting suitable solutions.

Whether it’s for new construction or renovation, we guide you towards the most appropriate options for your context.

Dysfunction Correction

Encountered problems are not inevitable. Thanks to our expertise, we provide you with a clear and effective course of action to remedy identified dysfunctions, thus ensuring the longevity and performance of your installation.

Optimal Customization

Each project is unique and deserves special attention. For this, we advise you on the best options to integrate, in line with your needs and situation, to optimize the potential of your installation.

Why Hire a Pool Consultant?

Experts in infinity pools and spas, we have specialized for over 25 years in the creation, design, and execution or renovation of projects around the world with prestigious references in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. We always propose the most adequate and economical solution.

Indeed, our knowledge of pool construction worldwide allows us to advise the most realistic option given the possibilities on the ground. Technical or design details, advice, expertise… whatever your problem, do not hesitate to contact us.

“For us, the construction of your pool does not stop at the realization of masonry and hydraulic plans.”

How Can We Help You?

Our expertise allows us to support and assist you beyond, and this in any country in the world. Over the past 25 years, we have worked in different parts of the globe, sometimes where professional competence did not reach European standards.

These experiences allow us today to advise you on suitable equipment but also to assist you remotely during the construction of your pool and more.


We accompany you from A to Z in your infinity pool project. And this goes well beyond the realization of your pool plans.

Online Assistance

For this, there is no need for us to travel as photos and videos are enough for us to verify the proper execution of the work and alert you if necessary.

Equipment Listing

Depending on the climate and local constraints, we advise you on the best equipment.

Quote Studies

We verify the proper conformity between the quotes and your project, thus saving you from costly additional work.

International Consulting

Dedicated to our international clients, our international consulting service includes, among other things, on-site construction monitoring, training, etc.

Are You an Individual?

Because we understand that pool plans are not always the answer to your questions, we have developed a range of services specially designed for you.

Are You a Professional?

Our consulting services are aimed at architects, landscapers, or other general companies wishing to embark on pool construction, regardless of the country they are in.


Yes, you are right. If you ask a pool equipment merchant to establish a listing, they will gladly do so. However, are you sure they will prioritize your interests over theirs? We are independent and receive no commission from suppliers; this guarantees our complete independence.

Yes, even if it is not the majority of cases. However, we will validate the plans you have before engaging our reputation as infinity pool experts. In case of disagreement on the design of your project, we will first propose to modify the plans.

In 95% of cases, our missions are carried out remotely; this allows you to save a lot of money. Our 25 years of experience in the construction of infinity pools enable us to detect errors even in photos or videos.

We ask for fees that are set in advance. We assist you in this search but you remain in control of the choice of craftsmen. We have been working exclusively as subcontractors all over the world for more than 20 years.

We work worldwide, both remotely and by coming to meet you on-site; this of course depends on the scale of your project. For consultations, everything can be done by email or phone.

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