Design and trends have always played an important role in the world of swimming pools. Now, more than ever, homeowners are increasingly looking for creative, modern solutions that will make their pool stand out from the crowd.

This post will explore some of the hottest trends in pool design.

Trends In Pool Design Over The Years

Over the years, swimming pool designs have undergone a remarkable evolution. Originally, pools were primarily functional, designed for swimming and training.

From simple shapes to nature-inspired pools

Early swimming pools were generally rectangular, with little embellishment. Such pools were primarily utilitarian, designed to provide a place for people to swim rather than to be aesthetically pleasing.

With the advent of the modern era, pool design began to gain greater importance, with more attention being paid to aesthetics and integrating the pool with its surroundings. 

As a result, pools have become an essential part of luxurious landscapes and serve as a focal point for outdoor entertaining. In the recent past, we have seen the rise of more organic pool shapes, inspired by nature, with the use of natural rocks, waterfalls, and other landscape elements. Designed to blend into their natural surroundings, these pools create a beautiful and inviting outdoor living area.


Fully customizable pools

Today, we live in the age of personalized pools. Homeowners can choose from a wide selection of styles, materials, and features to create a pool that fits their lifestyle and tastes.

From sleek infinity pools to natural pools designed to have minimal environmental impact, pool design is constantly evolving and becoming more exciting as new trends and innovations are coming.

Morana's advice 👇

Keep the pool’s surroundings in mind

When designing your pool, don’t try to incorporate every trendy feature. Some may not be suitable for your project. Instead, focus on features that will complement the natural landscape and create a harmonious balance with the surroundings. To achieve the best results, ensure your pool design is cohesive and respectful of the environment.

Planning for the future

It is important to consider the future when designing your pool. The needs of your family may change over time, as may the trends in pool design. Ideally, a pool design should be flexible enough to accommodate changes as they arise. As an example, you may wish to plan for the addition of future features, such as a spa or a waterfall, or even landscaping features that will be incorporated in the future.

Choose the ideal design for your pool.

Trends In Pool Design For 2023

Now that we’ve seen the past, let’s turn our attention to the present and explore the top pool design trends for 2023.

Negative and zero-edge pools

With the growing demand for luxury features, overflow edge pools have become a must-have addition to any outdoor oasis.

The addition of an overflow pool dramatically enhances any outdoor space, providing an awe-inspiring atmosphere for relaxation and recreation.

A pool with an infinity edge will look particularly magnificent when installed in a panoramic property, while a pool with a zero edge will give the area a feeling of peace and tranquility.

Pool design with minimalist touch

There is no doubt that minimalism continues to be a popular trend in pool design. Clean lines, sober colors, and maximum functionality are the hallmarks of this design.

By maintaining an uncluttered aesthetic, this design allows for a quiet, stylish beauty that stands the test of time.

With the right balance of sophistication and simplicity, minimalist pools can be both timeless and elegant.


Indoor VS Outdoor pools

With an indoor/outdoor pool, swimming can be enjoyed in all weather conditions.

The indoor portion of the pool is heated, so it can be used even in the coldest of winter months. The outdoor portion of the pool is not heated, but is exposed to the sun, allowing it to be used in warmer months as well as reducing the cost of heating the entire pool. Indoor/outdoor pools provide the best of both worlds.

Eco-friendly pools

Combining the advantages of traditional and natural pools, eco-friendly pools represent an innovative trend in pool design. Utilizing both the efficiency of traditional pools and the environmental benefits of natural pools, eco-friendly pools provide an opportunity to make a lasting impact on the planet.

With their products, you have the option of customizing the shape and dimensions of your pool, while also incorporating biological filtration and using natural materials. Consequently, the result is both aesthetically pleasing as well as environmentally friendly.

Natural pools

Recently, natural pools have become increasingly popular. Their emphasis on the use of natural materials and biodiversity results in pools that are seamlessly integrated into the landscape.

Using plants, rocks, and gravel, these pools clean the water using the same methods as nature does. The natural pool, also referred to as an organic pool, offers chemical-free bathing and an atmosphere reminiscent of a natural lake or lagoon.

Other pool design elements

The design of a pool is not solely determined by its shape or construction. A pool’s design can be transformed by other factors. A pool’s design can be transformed by other factors.

In pool design trends, technology plays an increasingly important role.

Swimming systems with counter-currents, integrated spa zones, fountains, and water jets contribute to the creation of personalized and varied bathing experiences.

Pool lighting has come a long way. The latest trends feature LED and fiber-optic lighting systems that create a variety of moods, from romantic to festive, while enhancing pool architectural features. A stunning addition to any pool design, these lighting systems make it easy to customize a unique atmosphere for poolside gatherings.


Pool designs have evolved significantly over the years, from the traditional rectangular pools to infinity pools, natural pools, and even pools with built-in spas. The range of styles and features available today allows people to create a custom pool that suits their aesthetic preferences and needs.

Pool design trends are constantly shifting and evolving, so it’s key to stay informed of the latest developments to ensure your pool is up-to-date and on-trend. With innovations in materials and technology, pool design now offers more options than ever before for customizing and personalizing a pool. This is to suit your own unique preferences and needs.

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