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Building the infinity pool of your dreams has never been easier.

Why do swimming pool drawings?

Having plans for building a swimming pool makes sense, and you are right. Usually, architects, general contractors or pool builders only provide their clients with a sketchy pool plan. Therefore, only a general contractor can build a pool. It’s expensive, and you have fewer options regarding construction methods, materials, and equipment, etc.

However, you can take charge of your pool project. You’ll have to spend some time on it, but we promise it’s worth it. Find out how you can get involved and what you’ll get from it here.

You are afraid of not understanding our drawings; they have been designed for an easy understanding, even for neophytes of the infinity or zero-edge pools. You are afraid of not having the skills; if necessary, we will be with you during the work.

piscine paysagée

Your pool project is in your hands

Now let’s show you our drawings designed to help you every step of the way in ensuring the successful completion of your pool project. It’s like unlocking a treasure chest full of goodies – all that’s left is to pick and choose which ones you want. Furthermore, we provide a complete list of filtration equipment for use in both the swimming pool and pump room.

After your pool’s done, you’ll clearly understand how it works; the hydraulic plan show where the pipes are and the pump room drawing shows all the valves and equipment.

Discover all our plans by clicking the tabs.

Here's a set of overflow pool drawings

Preliminary project

A good starting point for any construction, it’s useful for a lot of reasons.

  • See the exact location of the pool on the topographical plan.
  •  Make sure you find the right approach for your project: shape, dimensions, overflow type, and location.
Get your project defined
déclaration travaux piscine

To build your pool

You’ll be able to do the construction process properly with this drawing. To avoid mistakes, all measurements are indicated. In this section, you can clearly see the different depths of water and the staircase to get into the pool.

To make sure the workers understand the overflow and gutter, we attach a detail.

The drawings are more readable when they’re coloured; this is especially true for deck level pools and infinity pools.

In the end, every detail counts when it comes to swimming pool drawings.

A building plan
plan piscine

From the pool to the pump room

Here’s where we leave the builder’s domain and enter the plumbing one. We draw the pipes networks connecting the fittings in the pool to the pump room hardware using the pool plan.

For easy understanding, we use different colours and the location of each fitting is precisely marked; no risk of error.

The plumber’s work is made easier by organizing all the pipes leaving the swimming pool logically.

Finally, this piping layout drawing allows you to know the positioning of each pipe; this could be useful someday.

Connect the swimming pool
plan piscine

In the heart of the filtration

The pump room is sometimes overlooked by pool professionals because it cannot be seen; yet, it is the heart of your installation. Thanks to it, your pool water will be clean and treated properly. In an overflow pool, safety devices must be installed.

The installation drawing designed to the exact dimensions of the room shows all the pipes, necessary valves and equipment in the plant room. Necessary valves are provided, and their position is clearly indicated. The plumber will just have to follow the plan.

As the owner of the swimming pool, this plan allows you to keep the filtration system in proper working order.

Setup of the filtration system
plan piscine

Steps in completing swimming pool plans


We talk about your project

A phone or video call, and then you can email plot plans, photos, and views from where the swimming pool will be.

Concept plan development

It is our goal to consider your wishes and dreams as we set about creating a functional reality that will fit your land and its environment perfectly. The concept plan the starting point for all drawings, and we spend time discussing it with you.

The drawings

All the swimming pool drawings (digital PDF format) will be sent to you so you can build it or have it built with complete peace of mind. In addition, we describe the filtration materials (inlets, outlets, valves, equipment).

After the swimming pool drawings

Depending on your needs, we offer different kinds of support. You'll get help from us throughout the pool building process, for example.

Bringing our expertise to your project

Our support

FAQ about our swimming pool drawings

Do I have to order all the plans at once?

No, absolutely not. We are very flexible. In accordance with the progress of your site works, you can order them accordingly.

How long will it take to make the plans?

It takes about a month from when you pay the deposit to when you get the plans. We’re not committing to anything by giving this timeframe. It can be extended by a few days during high demand. We keep you updated on your project.

Do your plans meet the requirements for filing a prior declaration of work?

Most cities in the world will find our plans to be sufficient. However, some building departments require additional documents; if this is the case, we will do everything in our power to assist you.

Is it possible to request quotes based on the drawings you provide?

Yes, of course! Our goal is to empower you to manage your swimming pool project on your own. Any mason or plumber can provide a quote based on our drawings and equipment listing. Please request quotes from several craftsmen so that you can compare them. You may also offer to purchase the equipment yourself.

What country do you work in?

Our services are provided online, so we do not need to travel to assist you. Therefore, we are able to work anywhere in the world.

The architect's plan for my swimming pool has already been provided to me; what else can you offer me?

Plans provided by the architects are generally rough masonry plans; they occasionally include details specific to an overflow pool. Additionally, the pipes, fittings, and filtration installation are not shown. Please don’t hesitate to send us your plans, and we will let you know how we can assist.

Would you be able to assist me during the construction?

In addition, our customers can request assistance missions online before, during, and after work. That’s up to them.

Let's talk about your project

Contact us

You don't need as many details in your swimming pool drawings.

The basic formula is for you if:

  • You want a rectangular pool project of a moderate size.

  • You’re familiar with masonry and pool plumbing.

  • You hire a general contractor or a pool builder, but you want to be in control.

This formula’s pros and cons :

  • We’re cheaper, but the company doing the work could charge more.
  • We show you the locations of the parts to be sealed, but without measurements.

  • The piping layout is not indicated with precision

  • We don’t provide a plan of the pump room, just a schematic

Here's what we do

Our 30 years of experience building infinity pools and deck level pools has taught us that plans aren’t always enough.

Therefore, we’re here to help you all the way through.

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