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Pool site supervision

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Building an overflow pool is serious work, especially if you’re talking about an in-ground pool. Therefore, it is necessary to consider it as such, and this all starts with good pool site supervision. Our services are also available for an overflow pool with a spa. 

How  does pool construction work?

We have detailed the different phases of pool work in this article but we summarise them here.

  • The creation of pool design is made accordingly to the backyard area.
  • The administrative procedures: these depend on the size and the location of the project and range, from a total exemption from formalities to the application for a building permit.
  • The earthwork consists of digging the ground according to the design plan.
  • Installation or building of the walls depending on the system installed: concrete or panels in prefabricated material, for example.
  • Fitting, piping, and installation of the equipment in the pump room
  • Interior lining
  • Water filling and installation of the safety system according to the area requirements.

When reading this list, it becomes clear that different construction specialists must be involved. It means one or more masons, of course, a plumber for the filtration and another for the application of the finishing coat of the pool, are necessary on-site. If you call in a general contractor, you only have one contact person.

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What does an overflow pool site management consist of?

The masons, plumber, and coating specialists have crossed interventions throughout the construction site. The plumber will have, for example, to install piping before masons are pouring the pool slab. These interventions are relatively short, but it is imperative to respect the timeline.

Moreover, it is not uncommon for errors to occur during work. Therefore, supervision is necessary to remedy defects as soon as possible. It must be carried out by someone with good knowledge of the swimming pool, especially for an infinity or level deck pool.

Who supervises the construction of a swimming pool?

When you entrust the construction of your swimming pool to a general contractor or a pool builder, they usually monitor the work of their workers and the progress of the building. They are also responsible for the coordination of the different tasks.

However, if you decide to build yourself or with artisans, you will supervise the swimming pool site yourself. In this case, it is imperative that you know pool construction or that an external person can assist you with these skills. The main advantage is that you will be informed of problems or mistakes during the construction steps and not afterward. The major disadvantage is that it can sometimes be time-consuming. You can delegate this task to someone on-site or ask swimming pool specialists to take care of it remotely.

Note: By building your own pool, you keep control of materials, equipment, work standards, and schedule.

The options for a pool site supervision

There are two ways: physically or remotely. In some cases, it can be a combination of both. The choice depends on the surface of the project, the location of the pools, and many more conditions.

The remote work supervision

Today, thanks to modern communication media, we do many things at a distance. It is no longer surprising to anyone: a meeting between interlocutors located in the four corners of the world, a surgeon operating on a patient several thousand kilometers away, etc. It is also possible to oversee a swimming pool work remotely. No special equipment is required for this; photos, videos, and an expert’s eye are all that is needed.

For many years now we have been successfully experimenting with this method with many customers, and it has become our specialty.

Different cases can occur; this list is not exhaustive, but it tends to give examples:

  • A customer asks us to draw up the plans for his swimming pool but, when the time comes to build it, he wants us to help him as a self-builder or to support the craftsmen he hired to build the pool. We have long realised that even very detailed plans are not always enough.
  • Another case: a customer already has plans drawn up by an architect for his entire house and wants the assistance of a swimming pool professional during the construction phase.

This way of working allows you to make substantial savings, but above all to build the pool with high standards for your complete satisfaction.

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The supervision on-premises

It is the most expensive option, but it could be necessary for big or complex projects. In some cases, it is crucial to have a daily inspection.
Il also allows training and coordinating the different work teams required for the project.
Of course, the cost of such intervention depends on the number of days required for the work. The more workers will be provided, the less time the construction will last.

Pool work supervision on -site In Myanmar

The in-between option

In the construction of a swimming pool and especially an overflow pool, there are some crucial steps:

  • Piping in the ground before pouring the pool slab.
  • Checking the level of the overflow to make sure it is straight.
  • Filling the pool with water and inspection of all equipment.

When the artisans are pretty professional, it is possible to reduce the presence on the premises to these three steps and ask for remote supervision for the rest of the work. This option minimizes days on-site and provides the owner with the assurance that construction requirements are fulfilled.

The media used for a pool site supervision

The owner or the work manager sends us photos and videos of the construction project to see what is happening. So, they can have any errors settled and be sure that the details and advice provided have been followed. We often provide diagrams or sketches to clarify construction details to understand better.

Benefits and disadvantages of remote site monitoring


The remote pool site supervision has multiple advantages:

  1. It reduces the cost of travel, not only the cost of the expenses themselves, but also the billable wasted time.
  2. Therefore, it is possible to follow work sites thousands of kilometers away without breaking the bank. Even customers located in countries with few or no pool builders can benefit from professional advice.
  3. When building pools, there are always some imponderables. Remote supervision allows immediate warning without waiting for the next building site meeting.
  4. We can study the photos with a clear head; it is not uncommon for details to escape the agitation of a site meeting.

Inadequacies of remote site monitoring

  1. If your swimming pool project scope is significant, remote site monitoring will not be enough. It would be best if you had a minimum presence of an expert on the premises.  
  2. You lack time to manage the various teams on the project. It is better for you to have a manager dedicated to the work coordination.

We always offer a remote pool construction follow-up in our services. Our customers can choose it initially or after getting the project design and the plans.

For those whose project scope requires a partial or continuous presence on the premises. We will be able to direct you to the best formula for you.