The in-ground pool is a real jewel that will transform your garden into a corner of paradise. Among its close cousins, the semi-sunken pool and the above-ground pool, it is the top of the range option. Why is that? Simply because it is the most solid, the most durable and the most stylish. In a semi-inground pool, part of the pool is underground, while the top protrudes slightly. Although it is less expensive to install, it is also less robust and less attractive. The above-ground pool is a perfect compromise for minimal budgets but remains fragile in the face of the weather and less resistant to the passage of time. So, if you want to know the price of an in-ground pool, here are the criteria you should base your budget on. You will also find our best tips for estimating the cost of the work and building your in-ground pool at the best price.

The Difference In Price Between A Concrete Pool And A Kit Pool

The price of an in-ground pool depends on many factors. One of the most important criteria that will influence the final budget of your pool installation will be the type of pool construction you plan to use. There are good reasons for this, since the installation skills are not the same and some works require a greater investment in terms of time and money.

The price of a concrete pool

Are you dreaming of an in-ground concrete pool? It is the top-of-the-range pool par excellence. However, you should know that its construction cost will depend on the technique used to build it. A sprayed concrete pool and a formed poured concrete pool are the most expensive projects to build. Prices for these types of projects start at €25,000 to €30,000. If you want to pay a little less for your concrete pool, you can opt for a masonry pool with concrete blocks. A reduction of nearly half the cost is then possible.

The price of a kit pool

Would you prefer an in-ground pool at a lower price? Opt for the kit pool option. PVC formwork blocks or rigid modular panels (made of concrete, aluminium or steel) make the walls of these in-ground pools. To reduce the final price of your in-ground swimming pool kit, you can install it yourself. However, this type of procedure requires a certain amount of skill, and we recommend that you call on the services of professionals. The budget for installing a kit in-ground pool will depend on the materials used and the workforce involved. If you consider everything, we can estimate an average price between €5,000 and €15,000.

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Make it yourself instead of buying a kit

There are some kits that are so complicated to assemble that they should be handled by a professional. If you have detailed plans and a mason on hand, you will be able to construct a concrete swimming pool.

Prepare your project in advance

Spring is a busy time for pool builders and construction companies. Build your pool in autumn and install the filtration system in spring. Choosing to build your pool in autumn and install the filtration system in spring allows you to avoid the peak season for pool builders, ensuring that you have more time and resources to dedicate to the project.

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How much does an infinity pool cost compared to a skimmer pool

While the type of construction and materials mentioned above have a direct impact on the cost of building your in-ground pool, other factors also play a role.

What to consider when estimating in-ground pool prices

How much an in-ground pool costs are generally the same for both skimmer and overflow pools.

  • The preliminary work: earthwork and preparation of the ground, levelling, pouring of the concrete slab. The start of the work requires the use of professionals and the use of particular machines and tools.
  • Materials: we mentioned the price differences between a kit pool and a concrete pool in the previous paragraph. The materials used for the construction of the pool directly influence the final cost. Note that concrete is the most expensive solution for installing a swimming pool, whereas a kit pool is the least costly and easiest to install.
  • Dimensions: Although not a significant factor in the final pool installation budget, the size of the pool will inevitably influence its cost. Unsurprisingly, the smaller your pool, the lower the price of construction.

  • The pool surface option: each coating directly impacts the price as they do not all have the same quality or aesthetic appeal: liner, paint, mosaic, or tiles.

    Although all these elements directly influence the final price of the pool installation, they are not the only criteria to be considered to determine the exact cost. Other factors can add up, such as the cost of the works, the cost of advice, or the landscaping cost surrounding the swimming area.

The price of a skimmer pool and an infinity pool: what makes the difference?

It is pretty tricky to know exactly how much an inground swimming pool costs, whether it is a skimmer or an overflow pool. However, we note that, in general, the installation of an overflow pool is more laborious and, therefore, more expensive than that of a skimmer pool—the latter kind of swimming pool costs between €10,000 and €40,000, including installation.

Overflow pools are a sign of luxury and have a considerable aesthetic advantage over other types of pools. They enhance any outdoor space and offer a harmonious result. However, installing their filtration system requires installing a tank that will collect all the overflowing water. This process is more complicated to set up than in the case of a pool with a skimmer filtration system, so their overall price is higher. Nevertheless, the natural cleaning of the water surface is better in these pools. The water overflowing on one or all sides (not just in the skimmer area) is better filtered. The cost of an infinity pool can start at €30,000 and go up significantly.

The Price Of An In-Ground Pool Is Never Fixed

It is unnecessary to have a huge budget when building an in-ground pool, whether it is a skimmer or an infinity pool. You can add some features after the pool construction. In this way, you can equip your swimming pool progressively and define more precisely your budget for the start of the work. Therefore, you can consider the installation of expensive items long after the building of your in-ground pool. For example, you can differ the purchase of an immersed cover, which requires a minimum investment of €10,000, or for a heat pump. The price of an in-ground pool is, for this reason, never fixed. This advantage allows you to install a pool on a limited budget and plan some work once the pool is already well finished and functional.


To get a clearer idea of the price of building an in-ground pool, consider asking for quotes and ask the pool experts to guide you through the work. As experienced pool builders and multi-talented specialists, we can guide you through your project and provide valuable advice that will save you money. Yes, there are many tricks to paying less for an in-ground pool installation. To achieve this result, draw up your plans in advance and call in a mason and a plumber for the works.