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The cost of building an infinity swimming pool

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The swimming pool building cost has been greatly reduced thanks to the arrival of polyester kits and shells. Which is good, but what about the price of building an underground pool depending on the type of structure.  What is the cost of an infinity pool? How can we reduce the price of the work on a pool?

What is the price of an inground pool?

An in-ground pool is a more durable solution than an above-ground pool, but implies a larger budget. On the other hand, various studies show that a house with an in-ground pool can be sold easily and at a better price, so why not take the plunge.

Between the shell pool, the steel or composite kit or the concrete pool, which model best fits your budget?

The kit pool

These are PVC or metal panels that you will have to assemble on site following a diagram provided by the manufacturer. The inner lining must be a liner to ensure that the pool is watertight.

The price range of a kit is between 3 500 and 10 000 €. The assembly can be done in a few days by yourself if you are a handyman and can count on a helping hand from friends.

Be careful, calling in a professional to assemble the pool almost doubles the price.

The shell pool

It is made of polyester or acrylic and its price varies between 10,000 and 20,000 €; the acrylic model is more expensive but its resistance over time is better.  A shell pool is usually made in one piece and delivered directly to your home. It also only takes a few hours to install.

The concrete in-ground pool

It is undoubtedly the most widely used material for the construction of in-ground pools today; there are different methods of concrete construction and they affect the pool building cost.

  • The building blocks construction is the most traditional and economical. Blocks are used and concrete posts are placed approximately every 2 metres and at the 4 corners of the pool. This method of construction limits the size and depth of the pool and imposes the liner as the inner lining. This post explores different types of pool linings.
  • The technique of the reinforced concrete blocks is similar to that of concrete. These 2 construction methods allow a great freedom of size, shape and lining. Concrete is poured either between two panels or in special blocks that have been previously steel reinforced to form the walls of the pool. The interest is that building with the  blocks does not require any particular equipment.

The reinforced concrete block technique can be used all over the world.


  • Shotcrete or guniting is a well known method but requires specific equipment. The concrete is sprayed onto a vertical steel reinforcement which takes exactly the shape of the future pool.



The construction cost of a concrete pool (filtration not included) is between 10 000 and 40 000 € depending on the construction method used for an 8 x 4 m pool.

Skimmer pool or infinity pool: what is the price difference ?

For industrialised pools such as kits and shells, there is no choice. The filtration system is delivered at the same time as the pool structure .

On the other hand, a concrete pool can work either with skimmers or with an overflow. If you are curious to know more about the overflow technique, click here.

With the same construction system, the extra cost of an overflow pool is about 20%. This corresponds roughly to the extra cost of the overflow channel and balancing tank.

As far as the filtration system is concerned, it is almost identical. It is sometimes necessary to slightly oversize the filtration, especially in the case of peripheral overflow. But let’s be clear, there is no question at all of doubling the power of the pump, as we have sometimes heard. We can therefore consider that here too we have an extra cost of about 15%.  Special mention should be made of the sensor control systems, which are efficient but expensive – however, there are various options that are cheaper and just as effective.

The price of the interior lining of the pool will also be subject to an additional cost, mainly due to the increase in surface area due to the overflow channel. The inside surface of the balancing tank, which is generally not visible can receive only a waterproofing treatment.

Tangibly, we can say that an overflow pool will cost about 20 to 25% more than the same one with skimmers. However, it often happens that the price is much higher and this is generally explained by the lack of experience of the companies consulted; as often happens, when one does not master well his subject, he tends to take precautions and therefore overestimate the work cost.

pool building cost

In conclusion, the price of an 8m x 4m concrete in-ground pool with skimmers is between 15,000 and 45,000€; for the same pool with overflow, count about 20% more, depending on the type of overflow.

How to reduce the cost of building an infinity pool ?

Even if you’re willing to spend a lot of money on your next pool, you should take 5 minutes to read these tips.

  1. Plan ahead in the fall to take advantage of better rates from the professionals. The summer rush is over and they are often willing to give discounts. The general rule is, in any case, to plan your project in advance and not to be in a hurry.
  2. It is also possible to ask for drawings from professionals and to call upon masonry and plumbing companies to carry out the work; the more seasoned can also consider building it themselves. This way, you will have the project you like at a cost that is about 30% less. You can consult our page about pool plans.
  3. You have to be able to read the quotes from pool builders or companies to find any errors or omissions that will affect the budget at the end of the project. I am sure that many of those who will read this post  know what I am talking about. For this reason we propose study missions. It frequently happens that we propose to our customers solutions that are more economical than those initially envisaged by them while privileging aesthetics. Designing swimming pools cannot be invented, it is a matter of experience.
  4. Ask for online or on-site assistance from a professional during the work. It may seem like an unnecessary expense and sometimes it is. However, it is obvious that such a presence at your side, even online, will avoid significant budget overruns.

Our objective is to reduce the cost of the infinity pool to make it accessible to the greatest number of people, whether in France or even abroad. If you want to know more about us, click here.

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