Many people talk about building a landscaped swimming pool but don’t always know what it means precisely. In short, it is a question of perfectly integrating a water body into its environment. How do you approach this construction project? Which pool professional is best able to help you in the realisation of the pool of your dreams?

What Is A Landscaped Pool

This is a pool you won’t notice! By that we mean that it will blend in perfectly with its surroundings. Because of this, you have to look for a perfect harmony with the garden and also with the spirit of the house. This last point is often neglected in favour of the garden.

How To Do It?

For a perfect integration of the swimming pool into its environment, bespoke drawings can be made. However, it can already be said that various basis of implantation, construction, or decoration are compulsory. As you can imagine, slides, diving boards and stainless-steel ladders should be avoided. A shower can be installed as long as it is concealed by solid walls or made of a material in accordance with the desired atmosphere.

Location and shape

To be perfectly integrated, the pool must, of course, be buried; the construction of an above-ground or semi-underground pool, except to match with a gradient of the ground, does not meet the criteria of a landscaped pool.
It is often said that it must be free form, i.e., composed only of curves. We’ll show you how a rectangular pool can blend in perfectly with its surroundings at the end of this post.

Pool surface material

We forget about liner or reinforced PVC, which, although being good sealing coatings, are not at all suitable. Fiberglass reinforced polyester, tiles according to the desired atmosphere, silico-marble-type coatings, etc… are recommended.
It is also necessary to think about the color: beige, gray (light or dark) is better. This post will explain how the color of your pool’s coating affects the color of the water.

The pool deck

Of course, this part of the terrace surrounding the pool must be particularly well-designed. Here too, the material should be chosen in accordance with the desired atmosphere, but also with the materials already being used around the house and garden. Wood is very fashionable, but there are many other solutions. However, we advise having the coping with the same material as the terrace, as different colors might not be aesthetically pleasing.

piscine paysagée
Piscine avec enrochement

The cost of a landscaped swimming pool

Rocks, real or artificial, as well as a waterfall can enhance your pool. A structure made of steel mesh and cement mortar tinted with natural pigments have an aesthetic appearance close to that of natural stones.  Natural rockery is cheap but transport and installation are much more difficult and expensive.

Keep in mind also that too many rocks is counterproductive; everything is in the balance.
An submerged beach made of sand gives a lagoon side effect but is not convenient around a rectangular pool. Here, too, it is up to you to choose the aesthetic effect you are looking for.

The greening of the area around the pool is an important part of the integration. Shrubs and other plants should be selected to reinforce the desired atmosphere. In the example below, the client has planted bamboo to accentuate the Zen atmosphere. However, care must be taken not to use deciduous or thorny shrubs.

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Seeing the pool project as a whole

It is always necessary to consider the landscaped swimming pool as part of an overall project. To avoid looking improper in the middle of the garden, wherever possible the pool should be integrated into its surroundings.

Seek professional advice

Architects, landscape architects and pool designers advise future pool owners. They have the expertise to design the pool in a way that complements the existing landscape.

A pool designer can help you design a landscaped pool.

The Cost Of A Landscaped Swimming Pool

Some swimming pool experts would tell you that such a landscaped swimming pool should cost much more than a rectangular one; this is not always true and depends largely on the costs of materials you are going to choose.
Indeed, the construction system is made of concrete as for most traditional swimming pools; moreover, a landscaped swimming pool requires neither a different filtration system nor a particular water treatment; we are not talking about natural swimming pools.
The integration of a swimming pool into its environment is only a question of design. This is why it is essential, in this case, to ask for a concept plan from the professional who should carry out the work. If he cannot provide it, it is better to call upon a swimming pool designer who will be able to propose a project that will live up to your dreams.

The Advantages Of A Landscaped Pool

The main advantage is essentially aesthetic; the landscaped pool forms a coherent whole with the house and the garden.

The value of the house has undeniably increased as a result of the construction of this landscaped swimming pool. The uniqueness of the project and its integration into the environment have a lot to do with this.

An Example Of A Swimming Pool Integrated Into Its Environment

These Indonesian-loving clients wanted to recreate the atmosphere of Bali in their backyard. The small size of the plot lent itself well to a mini infinity pool to create a Zen atmosphere conducive to relaxation and meditation; for this reason, we created a silent overflow pool.

To optimize the available space, we, in agreement with the customer, opted for a rectangular shape. Emphasis was placed on the decoration and the finishing materials used: subakumi stone for the interior of the basin, large space left for green spaces, bamboo environment, statuette, etc.

The creation of a wooden pontoon at the level of the living room and just above the swimming pool allows since then, even the inside of the living room, in summer as well as in winter, to feel at the water’s edge.

The construction of this landscaped swimming pool was carried out in self-construction. A mason and a plumber who are not pool professionals carried out the work under the direction of clients who are not from the building trade. We provided them with punctual remote assistance.

Preliminary project
Project completed
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The pros of this method are multiple:

  • a project that resembles them
  • Substantial savings on both labor and materials and equipment. According to our customers, the final price is about 30% lower than the quotes obtained from pool builders.
  • free choice of equipment
  • control of the progress of the building site: for cash flow reasons, they decided to build the swimming pool in 2 phases


Building a landscaped swimming pool does not require more resources than building any other type of pool. To find the most appropriate integration solution, it is often necessary to seek the assistance of a professional.

By staying abreast of technological advances in materials and equipment, professionals can create original solutions. Consider collaborating with them.