There is no way to build an overflow pool without a gutter: whether the pool spills on four sides or one side, it is an essential component of the hydraulic system.

What Is The Purpose Of The Channel?

In a regular pool, surface water is drawn through skimmers and filtered, disinfected, and heated in the filtration system. In the treatment of water, skimmers are essential. In overflow pools, skimmers are replaced by weirs that allow water to escape and reach channels.

In a deck level pool, there is a gutter

Cast or shotcrete swimming pools have a channel around them because the water flows from all sides. Below the pool, a catch basin collects water from the perimeter channel. The pool deck offers a peaceful view of the water.


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Partial view of a rounded zero edge overflow designed by Morana Water Design

Infinity Pools Also Have Channels

Weirs replace the coping stone in these pools, allowing water to flow to the gutter below. Depending on the desired effect, the water may run down the wall or exit in a noisy waterfall. Based on their configurations, in-ground pools commonly use channels as catch basins or as water collectors.

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Use the overflow gutter as a balancing tank

In infinity edge pools, it’s possible to use the overflow gutter as a surge tank. There is, however, a need to be careful about the amount of water required for the overflow to operate properly.

Overflow gutter covers should look good

In a deck-level pool, the channel cover must be treated with extensive care. It must harmonize with the surrounding environment: terrace, pool style, etc.

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Overflow Gutters Can Be Made In A Variety Of Ways

The construction plans for an infinity pool and a zero-edge pool must include a channel. No matter whether the pool is rectangular or free-form, it is essential to make this element accessible while remaining invisible from the terraces surrounding it.

Note: Preparing the ground should consider the space required for this channel.

Using a prefabricated channel

It is mainly used in concrete pools with overflows at the deck level. You can install this conduit made of PVC, stainless steel, or galvanized steel when you build a pool, or if you renovate an existing one. The channel can act as a catch basin or not, depending on the manufacturer. The cost of this system is higher than the cost of a channel made of hollow blocks or poured concrete.

Creating the gutter when you build the overflow pool

There are different gutter construction options, but one of the most commonly used is concrete. It is constructed similarly to the main basin. Typically, shotcrete construction involves gutter and pool construction at the same time. The formwork and gutter concrete pour are done later for an in-ground concrete or shuttering concrete blocks pool.

Waterproofing pools requires PVC membranes or polyester resin reinforced with fiberglass and/or gel coats; In most cases, the pool surface is similar to the gutter lining. PVC liners are more challenging to use.

Overflow gutters don't have to be exposed

It is necessary to cap the channels of zero edge pools for safety reasons. Public pools have plastic grates we’re all familiar with. Private pools can be covered in a more aesthetic manner. These covers should be selected based on the submerged deck coating and the pool coating, the shape of the swimming pool, and your budget.

Infinity pool gutters can be covered to facilitate maintenance or prevent excessive dirt and debris from entering the pool.

Other things to think about when building an infinity pool

In addition to the gutter, there are several other components that make up the hydraulic network of the overflow pool. A deck-level pool’s gutters collect water, which is gravity-fed to the surge tank. By using a bottom drain, it is sucked by the filtration pump and sent to the filter. After passing through the disinfection (electrolyze or other) and heating systems (heat pump, exchanger, etc.) it returns to the pool via the inlets.

A negative deck pool does not always require a catch basin, since the channel can be used instead. Inlets can be found in the walls or at the bottom of the pool, depending on the circumstances.

Construction And Maintenance Of An Infinity Pool

For all types of pools, including above-ground pools, the filtration system contains all the parts to be sealed and pipes, as well as the equipment installed in the plant room.

Hydraulic network design affects bathing water quality and treatment product consumption significantly. For a trouble-free pool maintenance, please inspect the following points:

  • An overflow profile that is perfectly horizontal
  • Properly distributing the parts to be sealed
  • A pool-sized piping and filtration system
  • An easily accessible balance tank


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