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The pool project manager supervises pool construction. He is responsible for ensuring that the project is built in accordance with the plans and specifications agreed upon between the homeowner and the contractor. This mission is entrusted to him by the person who builds the work, known as the project owner, usually the homeowner.

In private pool construction, the client often acts as a project manager. However, it is critical to ensure that the client is well-versed and equipped to handle the project management role to ensure the successful completion of the pool.

Having a good understanding of the role of a pool project manager is vital to evaluate the benefits of working with such a professional.

What is the best candidate for the role of pool project manager?

A project manager must be customer-focused, taking all necessary steps to ensure a successful project.

Swimming pool construction can be entrusted to many professionals. The choice depends on the owner’s budget, the complexity of the project and his or her availability. However, whichever option is chosen, someone should remain hands-on throughout the entire process to guarantee the job is completed to high standards

Can a pool builder act as a pool project manager?

If a pool builder is entrusted with the construction of a swimming pool, he offers his customers a full range of services. This includes drawing up the plans, building the structure, supervising the worksite and guaranteeing that the work is carried out to the highest professional standards. This turnkey formula guarantees the client a single point of contact. However, in this formula, the contractor is also the supervisor. For example, the contractor could be tempted to cut corners to reduce the costs of the project. He could then approve the work himself, leaving the client to foot the bill. It’s like a student grading the paper he’s just written.

The project manager, who is typically an employee of the pool builder or a company manager, must ensure customer satisfaction is the top priority, regardless of cost, and proactively mitigate any potential problems that may arise.

The pool project manager is an architect or design office

Often, this occurs when the pool is part of a larger project, such as the construction or renovation of a house. Overall project management is the responsibility of the architect who designed the project. A general contractor or separate companies are then hired under the direction of the architect to construct the pool. This solution allows the project manager to be more impartial, but it is not without limitations.

In the case of infinity-edge pools or zero-edge pools, an architect does not always possess the necessary experience to recognize the peculiarities, subtleties, and pitfalls of the construction process. As such, it is typically wise to consider bringing a specialist on board who can provide the expertise needed to ensure the pool’s construction succeeds.

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    Le propriétaire construit lui-même sa piscine

    A private individual who assembles a kit or builds a swimming pool is often the project manager.As a general rule, he supervises the contractors, ensures that they have everything they need, and, above all, ensures that the work is performed properly. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the demands of a mason or plumber, the management of contractors, the purchase of materials, and even the technical questions that arise, particularly when dealing with overflow pools.

    Required documents for an effective pool project management

    To ensure the project is completed properly and efficiently, it is imperative for the project manager to have accurate pool drawings , to refer to throughout the entire process. This will ensure no unpleasant surprises when commissioning the project. The worst-case scenario would be to postpone the project while waiting for a distant conciliation or judgment.

    The role of the pool project manager

    The pool project manager is responsible for making sure all stakeholders are in agreement with the project plan and that it is carried out smoothly. Moreover, he or she is in charge of coordinating the various parties involved, calculating the quantities of materials required, and selecting equipment in accordance with budgetary guidelines. In addition, he or she is responsible for verifying the testing and inspection phases. Tracking down any errors or defects, reporting to the various people in charge, ensuring commissioning, etc., are all part of this process.

    Why should you hire a pool project manager

    An experienced project manager with expertise in swimming pools is essential to the successful completion of a project. As the client’s representative, he or she takes his place. He or she should be seen as the point of contact and mediator for the contractors. Often, this professional is called upon to resolve a dispute between two parties or to identify a safety hazard on the job site. For your pool project to run smoothly, you need to hire this professional who has solid experience and perfect knowledge of the subject.

    Where can I find this professional?

    Professionals in this field are not widely spread, but they do exist. As individuals or as members of design firms, they perform their duties. It is no longer necessary to consider their geographical location as an obstacle. In today’s technological age, it is possible to follow the construction of swimming pools online. E-mail, instant messaging, videoconferencing site meetings, etc., are modern means of communication that cut down on travel expenses and save a great deal of time.

    Choosing a pool project manager should primarily be determined by the number of years of experience they have in the pool industry.



    At first glance, hiring a pool project manager may appear to be an unnecessary expense. The fact remains, however, that their professional experience on the job can result in substantial savings.

    Whether it is a traditional pool project or the construction of an infinity pool, careful monitoring of the work and good management of the personnel are essential.

    We offer thirty years of experience in the construction of infinity pools. With experience in all four corners of the globe, we can meet any request.

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