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Your swimming pool project: by whom and with whom

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The beautiful days are coming and the question comes up again : a swimming pool project, why not ?… but building a pool is expensive ! I would like to build it myself but I don’t know how to do it ! I would like it to enhance my garden ! how to design it ?….

How to design a swimming pool project

As swimming pool professionals we believe that any swimming pool construction should be preceded by at least a design plan. Would you build your house without first having detailed plans drawn up?

Why do you need a plan?

Even if you have a precise idea in your head, you have to draw it on a piece of paper; in any case, you will need this sketch to ask for the administrative authorizations.

A plan, even if the swimming pool project is simple, allows you to formalise an idea. You will be able to see where the swimming pool will be located in relation to the house, how it will be placed on your land and finally it will allow your family to dream. You will have long discussions about the right depth, the pleasure of an immersed beach, the ideal location of the stairs or the pump room, …


Who can make a pool plan

Of course, this depends on the complexity of the project. Professionals such as architects or technical draughtsmen have the skills to design your future swimming pool. However, their service will often stop at the general plan and the section. If you wish to have your pool built by a pool builder or a general contractor this could be enough. Note that the pool companies often have a design office but you will have to entrust them with the construction of your pool project.

Some swimming pool professionals are able to offer you pool plans adapted to your desires and your land. The main advantage of this formula is that you keep perfect control of your building site. In fact, you choose to entrust the construction of your pool to whomever you want. Consult this page, if you want to know what type of plans we offer.

In conclusion, a well done and complete pool plan should allow you to make your pool project with any craftsman or even build it yourself. The final price of your pool will depend on your degree of involvement.

How to determine your degree of involvement

It takes into account two factors: time and technical knowledge.

The amount of time you can allocate to your swimming pool project is a determining factor in the choice of contributors. Indeed, your ability to free up time determines your ability to take care of your project. You can, for example, work in separate trades, take charge of ordering equipment, managing site supplies, and supervising the site with or without the assistance of a professional. You can now see that substantial savings can be made.

Your technical knowledge in the field of construction will help you to go further, such as completely managing and monitoring your construction site without any outside help and even building your own swimming pool.

Now you undoubtedly understand how your involvement has a direct influence on the cost of your pool.  In the following paragraph, I will explain to you what your choice of consultant should be based on your technical knowledge and your ability to free up some free time.

Choosing who will build your pool

In the field of swimming pools, mainly in France, there is a large choice of pool builders.

The swimming pool builders

This is the most traditional way for those who do not want to or cannot invest in their pool project at all. This professional offers to build your pool with, in principle, a fixed price and certain guarantees such as ten-year insurance.  On the other hand, you do not always have the choice of either the construction method or the brand of equipment. In the same way, you don’t control the timing of the building site; you will often have to adapt to the planning of this professional.

In conclusion, you have a project with a fixed price but in which you have no control over anything. We advise you to ask for a plan before committing yourself and to check that everything is well set in the estimate.

A mason and a plumber will take care of your project.

It’s the middle solution. Construction professionals build your pool, but this requires that you have the plans for your project and some time to coordinate and supervise the work. If your craftsmen are professionals, this shouldn’t be a problem. Depending on the extent of your free time, you can offer them to buy the most expensive equipment such as pumps, filters, disinfecting devices, heating, etc… It’s up to you then to search on the internet for the best prices without sacrificing quality.

In many countries of the world where we have worked this is the only alternative. We make the plans for our customers and offer them to follow the construction site remotely or on site; this last decision is taken according to the complexity of the project.

In conclusion, this solution can save you between 15 and 30% on the price of your pool, but you will have to devote some time to it.

A DIY swimming pool

This option is very common in Anglo-Saxon countries where people enjoy doing the work. They surround themselves with professionals for the plans and sometimes ask for assistance during the construction period. This trend is developing in France for economic reasons but not only. The price of your pool can be halved and you will have the satisfaction of having built it yourself. But let us not delude ourselves, this solution is not within everyone’s reach.

Our advice

The mistakes to avoid:

  • Building or having your pool built without plans and requirements.
  • Not taking the time to study and compare quotes.
  • Agreeing to pay down payments that do not take into account the progress of the work.
  • Thinking that a ten-year warranty means that your pool will be perfect; it is an insurance policy that guarantees that defects in your pool will be repaired one day, but we are not told when or by whom.

Before deciding who will build your swimming pool project, it is important that you measure the commitments. Our advice is to choose the middle way. Although the savings will be lower, you will be able to rely on professional builders; it’s up to you to choose the right craftsmen.  An assistance during the building site can be very useful; with the current medias of communication and the habit, we follow building sites in Europe, Asia or Africa.