As part of its complete renovation, this luxury hotel wanted to offer its privileged clientele a swimming pool worthy of the establishment’s standing.

We did not have any input into the design of this 18 × 8 meters deck level project. This was the subject of a global study carried out by a Thai architectural firm.

Our responsibility was to produce all piping layouts and supervise the local contractors.

Reinforced concrete is used in the construction, and the interior is tiled. The hotel chain logo is engraved on the pool’s bottom. In this project, the greatest challenges were not in realizing the drawings, but rather in coping with the timing and climatic conditions. An official opening date had been set by the owners, and it was unlikely that they would alter it. Unfortunately, delays in the renovation of the building caused the pool work to be delayed. Consequently, we had to work around the clock. The construction was also complicated by the rainy season and the proximity of the river. Burmese workers built the overflow pool, which they had never done before. Local craftsmen also installed the plumbing and electricity.

A hydraulic system is composed of three filter groups, each with a capacity of 25 m2/h. Salt chlorinators are used to disinfect the water.

A lovely deck level pool is created on the interior patio of this remarkably preserved colonial hotel. Most regrettable: the owners’ insistence on installing ramps for access to the stairs. It may not always be possible to combine safety with aesthetics.

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