Several years ago, we were approached by a Swedish couple who had lived in Bali and wanted to recreate the Indonesian atmosphere. The garden of their property in southern Spain already had a Balinese-style pool house. It was therefore out of the question to create a geometrical design, but instead to take inspiration from the lagoons and design a free-form pool with soft edges reminiscent of a sandy beach. The deck level overflow all around the pool is characterised by a simple slot (instead of the usual grid) allowing the water to reach the balancing tank adjacent to the pump room. Waterfalls and a wooden bridge leading to a vegetated island complete the illusion.

This design was very innovative and immediately appealed to our clients.

We carried out the concept/design as well as all the execution drawings and specifications. The pool was built under our supervision by a local general contractor. The structure of the pool was made of 25 cm thick hollow blocks.The beige inner coating made of glass fibre reinforced polyester resin emphasize the lagoon effect of the whole.

The pump room  built under the main cascade houses a filtration unit and an additional pump for the waterfalls. The owners did not want to use chlorine or even an electrolyser, so an automated active oxygen treatment and pH control were installed.

The property was recently put up for sale and the highlight for the estate agent was the pool and its exclusive design. This is the proof that a swimming pool well integrated into its surroundings adds real value to a property.

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