While it is pretty common to call upon an architect to define the plans of a house, it is not usual for the construction of a swimming pool. Drawing a swimming pool consists of determining its location, shape, and dimensions whilst considering the profile of the ground, the earthwork, and the town planning rules – among other things.

Why Define Your Project Of An Overflow Swimming Pool Before Drawing?

An infinity pool construction project is often born from an idea seen in a magazine or website. Before going to the drawing stage, it is essential to check that the idea is realistic.

Here are some questions to ask yourself before you begin your project:

  • Does the land profile allow for an infinity pool to be built?
  • What are the constraints of the urban planning code and, possibly, the compound?
  • Will the chosen location benefit from good sunlight (preferably between 10 and 18 hours)?
  • Does the project enhance or take away from the potential view?
  • How can the dimensions of the pool be integrated into its surroundings, including its position in relation to the house, to achieve a harmonious look?

One should also draw a preliminary design according to personal criteria to have a great pool.

Pool builders can draw up a plan for the construction or renovation of a pool. But for constructing an infinity pool, it is always better to call on experts – they are better equipped to advise you on the most suitable project based on photos and a land plan.

Imagine Your Infinity Pool With A Drawing Or A Sketch

Once the ideas about the project are well established, you are ready to draw the pool of your dreams. The best way to do this is to draw your mirror pool or waterfall overflow pool on the cadastral plan or a manual survey of the land. The surrounding greenery to be preserved as well as the limits imposed by the town planning must be mentioned; this allows you to determine the space available for the installation of a swimming pool.

This preliminary project facilitates the visualization of the pool in its environment and determines the shape, style, and size of the overflow pool. Furthermore, an initial design drawing is also necessary when submitting either the declaration of works or the building permit application.

A preliminary infinity pool-project by Morana Water Design

Get a pro to draw up your preliminary design for a swimming pool.

Morana's advice 👇

Get a design draft.

It is useful to have a drawing made by the pool builder to help you visualize the project, regardless of its size.

Communicate clearly with the pro you’re working with.

It’s vital that there’s genuine communication between you and the professionals responsible for carrying out your project. It ensures your expectations are understood and met. Furthermore, it helps avoid misunderstandings or costly errors.

Five Practical Tips For Drawing An Infinity Pool On A Plan

  1. Take your time: talk about it with your family and discuss your needs and requirements, especially regarding safety devices.
  2. Do not hesitate to design a creative infinity pool: contrary to popular belief, the cost of building or renovating the pool will not be higher.
  3. Consider the style of the house to ensure an overall harmonious look.
  4. Do not neglect the pool surroundings: terraces around the pool, a pool house, a summer kitchen, a pool shelter, etc.
  5. Position the water inlets and outlets: this can save a lot of money during the construction.

Why Must An Execution Plan Accompany The Preliminary Design?

As its name indicates, a preliminary design is the first step of the realization. As for a house, it is possible to draw the complete plans of the infinity pool.

  • A ground plan takes up the elements of the initial drawing by specifying the pool’s dimensions and surface.
  • One or more sectional drawings define the pool water depth and the design of an immersed deck or stairs.
  • Construction details help the masonry company or pool builder in the realization of the profile and overflow channel, as well as for the height of the balance tank.
  • Hydraulic plans make installing the filtration and water treatment system easier for the plumber.

Having in hand working drawings allows you to understand the in-ground pool’s functioning, but especially to entrust the construction to building craftsmen who are not specialists in pool construction.

How To Make A Drawing Of An overflow Pool?

There are multiple software options that allow you to create simple pool designs (regular pool, above-ground pool, semi inground pool, swimming corridor, inground pool, etc.). However, the principle of the overflow pool is more complex than the skimmer pool, it requires expertise that you cannot find in these typical software options.

A pool can also be designed by an architect and then built by a pool builder. An architect is generally not trained to draw plans for infinity pools or deck-level pools, particularly hydraulic drawings.


It may therefore be helpful to call upon a professional who will be able to design the overflowing pool of your dreams. As well as advising you on the design, he will also be able to draw up all the plans for you. As a result, you have the option of choosing who will build your pool: a pool builder, a general contractor, craftsmen, or yourself if you are very handy. There is no doubt that you can make substantial savings of up to 50% depending on whom you work with.

Having specialized in infinity pools for over 30 years, Morana Water Design strives to make negative or zero edge pools more affordable for its clients. Our professional service aims to provide you with construction plans, pool connection plans and filtration drawings.

 Furthermore, we can provide support and advice regarding your swimming pool. Our prices are customized to meet your needs, regardless of your budget. Request a free quote now and benefit from our professional expertise.